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Welcome back! Year of the Rabbit! Oh when is my year? The Year of the Dragon? So anyway, Happy Belated New Year! New resolutions, new students and old....some are about to embark on the journey of sitting the new SAT exam, whilst others are awaiting their admission decisions....

So the buzz is around the new SAT Digital exam. Do we at Versan change our method of teaching? Not exactly. But the new feature is when students show up for classes, they should have their laptops in tow. The new SAT is online. Here are the positive features:

It is a shorter exam. Approximately 2 hours compared to the former 3 and 1/2 hours. One has to download Bluebook to start practicing for the digital SAT.

For the English section, reading and writing tests remain. However, passages are not as long as the former exam. Somewhat easier on the eyes.

What is difficult? More vocabulary. Reminiscent of exams in early 2000's before the exam changed in 2016. So reading widely has to be increased for SAT students.

The Math remains largely the same.

If a student does not have a laptop or some device, the test center should be able to give the student a device to use.

If there are technical difficulties, the test online will be stopped to facilitate amendments.

What is somewhat different are the months that the exams are now being offered: May 6, June 3, March 11, August 27, October 1 and December 3.


I should be speaking about it on Smile Jamaica TVJ this Thursday at 6:45 am. See you there.

One has to find the Blue Book portal where the exam will now be administered. One can practise on the site

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