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What People Are Saying

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Student Blurbs:


"Versan helped me expand my vocabulary, to be better organized, and to always have a plan B just in case plan A fails."

- Damoya Lindo (University of West London)

"Versan helped me get into an AMAZING boarding school (Miss Hall's School!!!) and I've learned so much rom my time abroad. She helped me get into Swarthmore College, the 3rd best liberal arts school in the United States, with a FULL scholarship! Thanks Versan!!!"

- Zara Williams-Nicholas (Swarthmore College)

"Versan really helped me get higher SAT scores. They helped me prepare for college and taught me how to write better essays."

- Sabrina Hector (Berea College)

"Versan worked well in identifying the ideal university for my daughter. She successfully graduated with honors as a result."

- Karen DeSilva (Parent)

"Versan helped me to be organized. They taught me to be strategically involved and to take advantage of all opportunities presented. They told me to ensure my resume is always up to date, and to ensure that I am not invisible. They also helped me to leave the best impression of myself."

- Maya Ricketts (Vanderbilt University)

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