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Educational Consulting

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Versan's consultation program includes academic strategies, extracurricular assistance, school and course selection, interview preparation, essay-writing courses, visa processing, financial aid and scholarship assistance. We help students excel in all aspects of their applications.

What is a Consultation?

Consultations are one-on-one meetings that parents and students will have multiple times during their college search. These meetings help students understand the application process and prepare for it through.


Pre-admission 'grooming'

  • Advising on what courses to take and what extracurricular activities to participate in based on the student's individual profile.


Academic assistance

  • Determining which academic program is right for the student by considering rigor, subject offerings, costs and location. 


Admissions overview

  • Explaining the admissions factors for the program for which the student has demonstrated interest.


Application help

  • Assisting with essay writing, standardized testing, form completion, resume writing, and certification of finances.


Financial aid assistance

  • Identifying institutional financial aid opportunities, institutional scholarships, and external financial assistance.


Visa processing

  • Assisting the student with passport and visa applications if necessary. 


'Inside information'

  • Giving information about national customs, school traditions, what to bring to dorm rooms and how to prepare for differences in climate.


After the first consultation, students are given Versan guidance folders, which offer general information and personalized assistance to help the student succeed.

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