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Those Last Minute Surprises

Late in the game when you have a few rejections, one or two take a long sigh and resign yourself to your lot in life....then in swoops that final school's decision..and you are in..with funding.  You are quiet.  Has your luck changed? I did warn that you all brace yourselves..for waitlist, rejections and acceptances...

So kudos to Ms. Arielle Jennings and to her continued studies in Film Production at DePaul University.....and of course that long sigh of relief.

My other surprise would be my little Malaysian friend from St. Andrew's high school.  At our first meeting, she warned me..I am not like your average Versan student who wants to go to North America.  Please give me Europe.  I want to start medicine straight out of Sixth Form....I thought long and hard. Lakshmi followed pursuit..we selected a few European schools.  To my surprise and to all surprises, she makes it into one of the finest medical school programs in Amsterdam. Off she goes to University of Groningen where Versan has had two graduates from Immaculate and Campion both a lawyer and doctor from their halcyon halls.

I do like these last minute surprises and all the good that brings.

Congrats St. Jago, what a thrilling win!


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