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Trudeau, in Canada, appears to be having a rough term in politics these days.  British Columbia was the first zone to place a cap on having more international students in their neck of the woods.  Suella Braverman recently stated "....multiculturalism has failed."  A South African journalist recently declared the whites-only town Orania as a direct move to the far-right ideology.

This move by Canada seems to be a pivotal political point that is currently creating a divide between the Democrats and the Republicans in the USA.  And it is moving across Europe: Holland, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy.....need I go on?

My last visit to British Columbia, some twelve years ago, I noticed the proliferation of students from India and China.

The Canadians had done an excellent job of canvassing students from China and every corner of India, Europe, the Caribbean and Europe.  They opened the floodgates.  To their surprise, their success has quadrupled into a catastrophic disaster.  We all know that Vancouver possesses an idyllic setting and has become an extremely expensive place to live.  The natives there have been most upset with the uber-rich Asians who have driven housing prices through the roof!  More Canadians of modest means have not been cheerful about this outcome.

The irony is that many there took on a love for Trump, in fact, they idolized him for being so outspoken about immigrants.  At the border, many customs officers would say to me, "Send Trump over here!"

It appears the Trudeau-led government has finally listened to his voting population and placed a cap on international students.


International students who applied to schools in Canada, please contact the Admissions office there and if admitted, request your letter of attestation.  Without that letter, you cannot go to the embassy for your student visa.  For Canada.


Karan Samtani: Bentley

Alyssa Lym: Bentley

Jaheim Jackson: Cranbrook

Alannah Daley: Georgia State

Paige Barrett: PACE, Clarkson

Maleeka Johnson: Univ of Albany, Stony Brook, Mercy, PACE

Reggina Williams: PACE

See you next week.


Prehealth at NYU Goes Beyond the Stethoscope

  Prehealth students at NYU think critically and creatively with diverse majors and varied extracurriculars on the way to pursuing their dream careers in the health care space.


Hi Sandra,

As we approach our Regular Decision (RD) release date, I wanted to share a few updates we hope will be helpful as you continue to support your students through the college admissions process.

When will Hopkins notify RD applicants of their admissions decision?

Decisions will be released tomorrow, March 20, at 3 p.m. EDT (UTC–4:00).

  • Students should have received an email to set up an account to access their applicant portal. If they have not yet done so, please encourage them to check the email they used to apply for instructions.

  • If they have trouble setting up their account or did not receive the email, they can reach out to

What does this year’s RD applicant pool look like?

This year, we received over 38,100 applications and admitted 1,749 students in RD.

What do I need to know if I have an admitted RD student?

  • Admitted students need to officially accept their offer and submit their deposit (if applicable) by Wednesday, May 1.

  • We will be hosting virtual and in-person events for RD admitted students in the spring. They may register for them in their applicant portal.

Are there any changes because of the simplified FAFSA?

  • Because of technical challenges with the FAFSA, our FAFSA application deadline was extended from January 15 to February 15.

  • Students applying to Hopkins will receive their financial aid offer at the same time as their admissions decision. Because Hopkins meets 100% of demonstrated need without loans for all our students, the new simplified FAFSA will not affect the total amount of financial aid they receive from Hopkins.

  • There will be a delay between the date students submit the FAFSA and when we receive it. Once we receive the FAFSA, we will adjust the amount of financial aid coming from federal sources versus Hopkins, but the total amount of financial aid offered will remain the same.

  • If financial aid is a concern, please encourage your student or their family to reach out to Student Financial Support as soon as possible

What do I need to know if one of my RD students was denied?

This cycle, we had a 26% increase in RD applications. Given the volume of competitive applications, there were many talented students we were not able to admit. Admissions committee decisions are final, and we do not accept appeals.

What can I share with my 10th and 11th graders about Hopkins?

  • We offer daily events—from information sessions and tours to workshops and financial aid sessions.

  • Students can also check out our College Planning Guide for application resources and videos and advice on the college search. It includes our new Preparing for College page you can share with your ninth graders as well.

  • Our admissions blog, Hopkins Insider, offers a look into our community from the student’s perspective.

Do you have any specific resources for counselors?

  • Our Counselors and Educators page includes helpful resources for you and your colleagues, including:

  • A student brag sheet to help you consolidate information when writing letters of recommendation

  • Information on requesting admissions or college search workshops for your school

  • Our new video about how the school profile and your letter of recommendation work together to help us better understand your students' experiences

We are so grateful for your partnership and the support you give your students. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your regional admissions counselor.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Calvin Wise III (he, him, his)Deputy Dean / Undergraduate


Admission updates for our school counselor colleagues.

Dear Colleague,

Greetings from Amherst College! With our Regular Decision admission cycle moving ahead, I am writing with some brief updates about our Class of 2028 that I hope will be helpful. Our applicants this year have been a remarkably talented group and, given the constraints imposed by the small size of the College, difficult admission decisions are unavoidable.

Class of 2028 Applicant Pool

  • Applications: more than 13,000

  • Admit rate: 9 percent 

  • Admitted students hail from 39 countries around the world, including 49 U.S. states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

  • 31 percent of our admitted students opted to not have their test scores considered as part of their application.

Regular Decision Release

  • When: Friday, March 22, at 18:21 (corresponding to the 1821 year of Amherst's founding, otherwise known as 6:21 p.m. ET!).

  • Where: Decisions will be posted on the applicant's online Application Status Portal.

  • How: Applicants will have direct, initial access to their decision on their Amherst portal.

  • For students who have complete applications for financial aid, their financial aid offer will also be available.

Earlier this week, applicants received an email alerting them to the date/time and manner of decision release. School counselors who have applicants in our Regular Decision pool and who have set up free accounts (see below) will be able to view our decisions after the student has done so.

Admission Response Date Extended

  • In an effort to decrease a bit of stress, and due to ongoing challenges with the FAFSA we have extended our response deadline to May 15.

Regular Decision Outcomes  At the RD stage, we make one of three decisions for each applicant: Admit, Wait List or Deny.

  • Admitted students will find information on their Application Status Portals about our Be A Mammoth program, a series of opportunities to engage with the Amherst College community and other admitted students. They will also receive instructions on responding to our offer of admission by our May 15 admission response deadline and other information of interest to admitted students and their families.

  • Students receiving a decision of Wait List will be given the option of electing to remain active on our wait list or declining that offer by submitting our Wait List Response Form, found on their Application Status Portal.

  • Students who have been denied admission will receive a message of our deep appreciation for their interest in Amherst and the considerable time and effort they devoted to the preparation of their application for our review.  With such busy professional schedules, it’s nice to find some online tools that help to make our work just a little easier. is a free platform that is linked with our application management system and will allow you to view our admission decisions for your students (after the decision has been released and viewed by the student). In future admission cycles, you will also be able to upload your recommendation and your students’ transcripts through, as well as keep track of where your students are in the admission process, including the ability to view a student’s application materials checklist.As a colleague, I send my sincere gratitude for all you do in supporting students throughout their educational journeys. You are appreciated.Sincerely,Cate Granger ZolkosDean of Admission

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