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The Student Loan

Everyone is busy putting their lives in order for school in Fall 2021. Everyone is rushing to select the school of choice, close off the visa process and simply get ready for college or school.

We sent out a Whatsapp message on things to do..


Should one write a letter to hold one's position? Sure. What should one do...send in a letter of recommendation and more exciting feats of accomplishments..yes? How likely is it to get off a waiting list? Once in a blue moon. Chances are rare. What should one do? Usually, move on to some alternates, with later dates of admission. As you should all note, a student makes much of what is offered at a school. All those who judge their acceptances by the popularity of a school and are completely depressed by not getting into their preferred choices, think again!

Make the best of one's experience, the Good Lord knows why you are there. Make the most of it.


One can write a letter of appeal to request more aid. However, one has to have some leverage in order to request some additional funding. So, one's transcript and profile are competitively strong. Failing that, one could access a student loan, either here in the US or Jamaica. We have used both for the last 20 years. It has served our students well over the years. So should a student need access, set your appointment to have us walk you through.


Embassies are short-staffed. The backlog is amazing. Covid rules. Start early and get the procedure behind you. Set dates early. So complete all I-20 forms and be in receipt of the official I-20 so we can book your date at the embassy.


Do you need one? Only if you are going to try even harder and go after the school of your dream.

See you all next week.



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