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The Canadians are Coming!!! (Sorry for the Blog Delay)

I mean it is shocking to see truckers blocking US/Canadian borders against the vaccination mandate. According to press reports, these are far right groups, wanting to use the vaccine mandate as a political football.

The impending war against the Ukraine also smacks of far right rumblings...particularly in Poland, Belarus..extension of Putin...a far right group that has been spreading its tentacles throughout Europe...and gotten to France, Germany and Amsterdam.

Why am I concerned? Versan sends students to many of these countries. If there is a war, we have students studying Medicine in the Ukraine, Moldovia, Poland, Engineering in Germany, Film, Law in Amsterdam, and many in Canada, a country we thought was antithetical to the US on race issues. Though my dear friend from Wolmer's Girls' Day may beg to differ that race relations in Canada are perilously close to those of the USA.

Canadians are coming? Yes. Schools are hosting webinars as indicated in attachments to the blog below. The universities are still strong bastions of learning. But why the geopolitical lesson today?

Students do not go to college in a bubble or an ivory tower. They must read the papers, listen to the news, coordinate the dots analytically. Pre-pandemic, parents were nervous about sending their children of color to the US. Now, one has to fear Canada...and then, we got tons of applications for Europe...but as we can see....insanity reigns everywhere.

Keep the faith.


Invitation to Zoom Session with Conestoga College, Canada

Good Day Sandra Bramwell,

We are seeking your assistance in getting the following information on a Zoom Session that will be hosted by Conestoga College out to your students and their parents so they may join the session and have their queries and concerns on the topic be addressed. The session will be conducted as a live Q & A session and will be focused on the needs of Caribbean Students, Parents and Educators and will serve to enable the participants to learn more about studying in Canada at Conestoga College which is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The session will also provide information on the immigration process as it relates to the application of a Study Permit and the opportunities afforded to International Students studying in Canada. We invite you to join us in the upcoming session on Wednesday, February 23th at 7:00 p.m. EST. by using the link and password below Please click this URL to join. Passcode: 540356 Do note that if you or any of your students/parents wishes to contact us, we may be reached on Whatsapp at 289-200-8659. Thank you again, and we look forward to having you join us along with your students and their parents in the session.

Regards, Eileen Knight, M.B.A., B.Sc., CHRP., RCIC Education Agent and Immigration Consultant Commissioner of Affidavit 289-200-8659


Hi Sandra, This summer, Tufts Pre-College Programs gives students the opportunity to explore a future college major, build skills, and grow alongside other driven learners. Our summer intensive programs are 1–3 week sessions designed to dive into a specific subject of interest. Summer 2022 applications are OPEN!

Climate Resilience Institute July 10–22 | 2 weeks This intensive focuses on the intersection of environmental change and social equity. Topics span from resilient water infrastructure to climate activism and environmental justice.

International Relations July 24–August 5 | 2 weeks Students will analyze current events and theoretical frameworks for understanding IR through seminars, discussion, group projects, and research. Leadership for Social Change On-Campus: July 10–22 | 2 weeks Virtual: July 31-August 12 | 2 weeks Students gain change-making skills, resiliency strategies, and civic knowledge to build connections, to work collaboratively, and to emerge as change agents who can inspire others.

Tufts has something for every driven and passionate student! In addition to all of our 1–3 week intensives, we also offer 6-week programs that help students experience Tufts' college academics—whether they want to take one class or enjoy a full summer session schedule. Check out the 6-week program options below.

  • Tufts College Experience

  • Tufts Summer Research Experience

  • Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers

If you have any questions, please email us at, call us at 617-627-2926, or feel free to chat with us online. Thank you, Arianna Wilson Director, Pre-College Programs University College, Tufts University 617-627-2926


Dear Sandra, We have exciting news for your sophomores and juniors! WashU has extended our test optional policy for applicants for classes that will enter in Fall 2023 and Fall 2024. Click here to read our announcement for more details. We also want to let you know about our summer programs for your younger students that may prove helpful in the coming months. Our programs offer highly motivated students the chance to experience WashU in the classroom and beyond. We encourage you to share these programs as students dive into building their college list and exploring academic opportunities beyond high school.

Summer Programs at WashU

We offer a variety of summer programs, allowing students to explore academics and campus life at WashU. Use the links below to learn more about each program, including application deadlines.

Olin Business School Programs The application deadline for the following programs is March 11, 2022.

The application deadline for the following programs is April 17, 2022.

  • Gateway to Business Program: July 17 - 22, 2022 Please note: This program also include four virtual sessions (June 16, 23, 30 and July 14), followed by the one-week, in-person academic experience on the WashU campus.

Arts & Sciences Programs The application deadline for the following programs is April 1, 2022.

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Programs Scholarship, Early Bird, and International Application deadline for these programs is March 15, 2022. The final application deadline is April 15, 2022.

  • Architecture Discovery Program: July 10 - 23, 2022

  • Portfolio Plus Program: July 10 - 30, 2022

Visit our Summer Program Page for additional programs with our Tyson Research Center, Division of Biology and Biological Science, and WashU Athletics.


Dear Sandra,

Interested in experiencing a UChicago class? Why wait! UChicago is hosting several upcoming virtual model classes that will introduce you to exciting topics and UChicago’s Life of the Mind atmosphere. In the coming weeks, our professors will teach model classes covering neuroscience, economics, and data science. We welcome you and any interested family members to join in on these classes!

UChicago Virtual Model Classes

*All times are noted in local Chicago time (CST/CDT)— please register in advance using the links below!

Join us for a model class with Shannon Heald, Assistant Instructional Professor in Psychology and the College. Professor Heald is a graduate of the University of Chicago (AB'03, AM'05, PhD'12) and will discuss her personal academic journey at The University of Chicago, as well as her current work in the College.

Join us for a model class with Professor Megan McNulty, Associate Senior Instructional Professor in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division. Professor McNulty's model class will draw upon her undergraduate Neuroscience course for non-Neuroscience majors.

Sit in on a live undergraduate course, ECON 20100, "The Elements of Economic Analysis," with Srinivasan Vasudevan, Assistant Instructional Professor in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics. Following the class, stick around for Q&A with Professor Vasudevan!

Join us for a model class, "An Example of Misinterpreted Data," with David Biron, Assistant Senior Instructional Professor in the Department of Statistics and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Data Science.

Planning a campus visit in the Spring? Please register for in person information sessions and campus tours, beginning on March 1, 2022. If you have any more questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you just want to talk, please reach out to us at or send an email to to get in touch with a current UChicago student!


Peter Wilson, AB'10, MBA'17 Director of Undergraduate Admissions The University of Chicago


Dear Sandra,

You and your students are invited to attend the NACAC Multi-Session Virtual College Fair tomorrow, Tuesday, February 15 from 9 a.m. -12 p.m. & 6 - 8 p.m. (ET)!Join us for one session or both - whatever works best for you!

You and your students can view a list of participating colleges and universities and sign up for free.Sign Up Now

NACAC Virtual College Fairs are a great opportunity to connect with colleges and they allow your students to pursue their college dreams. They can have a quick video chat with a rep, drop in on a virtual presentation, send a question through chat - they can make a connection THEIR way! Go now and check out a video on how it all works!

We look forward to seeing you and your students tomorrow!

Best wishes,

NACAC Virtual College Fairs Team

Spring 2022 Schedule

Attend as many fairs as you wish! Click below to see a list of colleges that will share information about their programs, majors, financial aid, and more on each fair date. Additional colleges will be added throughout the spring.

Connect Virtually

COVID-19 has limited the opportunities for you to visit, learn about, and connect with colleges. We aim to bridge that gap through these special one-day events.

At each virtual fair, you can attend presentations by colleges, ask questions, and demonstrate interest... all without leaving home.

All of our fairs will also feature MatchMaking! At the time of registration, students will select the attributes that are most important to them in a college. They will then receive an email that best matches them to the specific colleges and universities based on the criteria they provided. Students can reference this email on the day of the fair to connect with their best-matches! Make sure to encourage your students to register early so they can take advantage of this great new feature.

Watch this short video for how-to information. And, be sure to sign up at well before each fair date!

In-Person College Fairs

Did you know NACAC is offering a limited series of in-person National College Fairs this spring? If you live in California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we are coming to a city near you. If your state isn’t on this list, we may be headed your way this fall.


Each year leading up to Valentine's Day, we catch up with some of our alums who found love at Le Moyne.

Celebrating Black History Month As we celebrate the achievements of African American people and their impact on our nation's culture and history, we invite you to view upcoming events, including guest speakers, panel discussions, and programs highlighting members of our Le Moyne College community. Pictured: Mary Grimes, Women's Basketball Coach. EVENTS & STORIES

Education is a Gift to Share with Others Of all the valuable lessons instilled in Mario Powell, S.J., over the course of his life, perhaps the most important one is this: An education does not solely belong to the person fortunate enough to have received it. It is a gift for that individual to share with others. READ MORE

Have You Filled a Bucket List Today? Ann Marie (Gardinier) Halstead ’98 set out to write what she describes as “a little play about kindness.” Her work, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, has taken Halstead to Australia and inspired a song on iTunes, a musical, and a streaming production by Peaceful Schools. READ MORE

Rolling Admission Deadline Our Rolling Admission deadline to apply is March 1. However, we encourage students to apply early to allow more time to participate in upcoming accepted student events, tour campus, and meet members of our faculty. APPLY

Accepted Student Events Accepted students and family members can choose from a wide variety of events including Academic Preview Days, Accepted Student Information Sessions, Think Forward Thursday series, and our Accepted Student Day Celebration, March 27 on campus. LEARN MORE

LE MOYNE COLLEGE Nestled into the heart of beautiful Syracuse, Le Moyne College offers a higher education experience students will value well beyond graduation day.

(315) 445-4300


Dear Sandra,

Please join us for a Virtual Information Session and learn more about our programs, affordability, student and residential life, and ask us questions (registration required). If you do not see a date that works for you, please check back as we continually add dates.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a virtual tour of our campus, chat with a Cooper student ambassador, check out our videos, download our viewbook, and follow us on Instagram.

We look forward to being part of your college exploration.


Office of Admissions

The Cooper Union


Dear Sandra,

Swarthmore College is suspending the SAT/ACT testing requirement for first-year applicants for fall 2023, fall 2024, and fall 2025 and extending our initial two year pilot, affecting current high school juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. While we will accept and review examination results if submitted to us, it will not be a requirement for the next three years.

When we first announced our test-optional policy, we said we would re-evaluate this policy for fall 2023 first-year applicants. While our first class to be admitted under a test-optional policy is now on campus, we cannot make a data-informed decision on the future of standardized testing at Swarthmore without conducting a longitudinal study. Our pass/fail first semester system means that we need more time to study the relationship at Swarthmore between standardized testing and long-term student success.

Our collective concern during this public health crisis is that students remain safe. We are also considering the future of testing administrations, in the United States and around the world. Depending on where one lives, some students already have limited options to take the SAT and ACT, and the worldwide pandemic may exacerbate these issues. We hope that our test-optional policy can also reduce anxiety associated with the college admissions process.

Students will be able to report previous testing as part of their application process, if they wish. Sharing exam results will be completely optional, and students who either did not take a test or choose not to share results with us will not be penalized in the admissions process.

We would also like to note that this policy is in place for all applicants, including U.S. citizens and international students, first-year applicants and transfers, and students attending public and private schools and homeschooled applicants.

On this National School Counseling Week, we want to thank you for all that you do to support your students.


James L. Bock ‘90

Vice President and Dean of Admissions


Hi Sandra, This summer, students can build their skills, explore creative mediums, and experience a supportive community of artists at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. Our summer intensives are 1–3 week programs designed to help students dive into a specific subject. Summer 2022 applications are OPEN!

SMFA Studio Art Intensive July 10–29 | 3 Weeks Students engage with SMFA at Tufts’ interdisciplinary approach to art making, experiment with new mediums, and strengthen their work by connecting it to bigger ideas.

SMFA Graphic Design Bootcamp August 1–5 | 1 Week Students can join Tufts’ Graphic Design Bootcamp to dig into the design process through Adobe Creative Cloud tools, while integrating disciplines such as communications and writing.

Tufts has something for every driven and passionate student! In addition to all of our 1–3 week intensives, we also offer 6-week programs that help students experience Tufts' college academics—whether they want to take one class or enjoy a full summer session schedule. Check out our 6-week options below.

  • Tufts College Experience

  • Tufts Summer Research Experience

  • Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 617-627-2926. Thank you, Arianna Wilson Director, Pre-College Programs University College, Tufts University 617-627-2926

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