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The Boarding School Success Story

We want to hail Priya, our North Coast applicant to boarding school. She captured a doozy of a scholarship to Havergal College. What I admired about this young woman is her ability to focus. Under the tutelage of her Mobay teachers, she diligently attended classes with the support of her parents.. They endorsed her study and her consultations with Versan.

When the family first approached us, it was clear from the outset, no scholarship, no go. I chose Havergal for her as I thought of her age, her academic achievements, the focal energy on a good school after Havergal, and of course, the wish to be in Canada.

The young lady aced her SSAT exams, her interviews and completed all consultation hours with us. We could not have been happier. Good things do come to those who wait.

As we speak, February 7th and 8th, Version participates in the NABSW Boarding School Fair in England. Mrs. Samtani is representing as I was under the weather, next round. Next year.

The decisions are still coming in for our students....Congrats to Senegal on winning the African cup. See you all next week. Register for SAT before it is too late!


The College Tour visits Columbia College Chicago

We’ve got some very exciting news to share, Sandra—Columbia’s episode of The College Tour is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

The College Tour is a TV series that provides an inside look into college campuses around the country. Even better? This 34-minute episode is led entirely by Columbia students. Consider this a glimpse into what your students’ lives could be like as creatives here, living and learning in the heart of downtown Chicago.

So, start watching now—and share this widely with your students! You can watch the full episode and explore each segment on our website, or by finding us in Season 3 of The College Tour on Amazon Prime. We just know you’re going to love it.

Thanks for all you do to further your students’ success!


Dear Sandra,

Thank you for all you do and the many roles you play in preparing students for college success! As you continue your important work, we'd like to share an academic resource you can offer to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to aid them in their path to future achievement.

The University of Chicago’s summer pre-college programs draw from the multidisciplinary emphasis and intellectual richness of the College’s Core curriculum. We offer a variety of courses in diverse subject areas and engagement levels that match any motivated high school student. For Summer 2022, we will host both residential programs and online courses, including:

  • Immersion: Through workshop discussions, research projects, and other activities, students live on campus and immerse themselves within a specific topic through three-week-long undergraduate-level courses for pre-college students designed by UChicago faculty and instructors. Course subjects include astrophysics, biotechnology, coding, data science, economics, literature, molecular engineering, political science, psychology, and more.

  • Summer Language Institute: Through this online program, students can learn an entire year of a language in one summer! Whether they want to continue learning a language or pick up a new one, the Summer Language Institute is a great way to delve deeply into another culture and another world and acquire a useful skill. With over 10 languages offered at varying levels, students are sure to find a language that speaks to them.

  • Scholarship Programs: Talented and motivated students have the opportunity to enroll in a college-level course free of charge through our scholarship programs, such as Emerging Rural Leaders, Latin American Phoenix Scholars, Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars, Police & Fire Summer Scholars, the UWC Global Academy, and Woodson Summer Scholars. Our selected scholarship students will also benefit from co-curricular programming to prepare them for the highly selective admissions process. And we are excited to launch one-week non-credit Enrichment Programs that offer younger high school students the opportunity to live on campus and learn about economics, freedom of expression, leadership, or quantum physics.

Outside of the Scholarship Programs, all Summer Session students can apply for need-based financial aid. All students enrolled in Summer Session can also participate in the Admissions Academy, a series ofworkshops that focus on the holistic admissions process to provide insights on admissions to highly selective colleges and universities and offer essay writing tips.

Students should apply by March 9th for the best selection of courses! To learn more about our Summer Session programs and the unique intellectual experiences available to high school students, please visit or reach out with any questions at

Thank you again for everything you do for your students!

Yours sincerely,

Carol Lin-Murphy Director of Admissions, Summer Session & Special Programs

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