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As a consultant who has been counselling students for years, in our one on one consultations with students, it is easy to see the character of the young person we are guiding.

There are a few who are fiercely independent, need not much help as with just a few directives, they are organized and complete all tasks in a timely fashion. What is miraculous is they do all with very little help from parents.

Then there is the emotionally haphazard student. Going overseas is a dream that they have conjured from tv sitcoms, movies, songs, family past experiences. They see the dream but unfortunately, they do not see the work that needs to be applied to get in.

Then we have the athlete. Endowed with a great talent, kudos from coaches, his or her school, this student is seemingly on Cloud Nine. Academics is not usually at the forefront, sports is. The balance between academics and sports, uneven. Pity.

We have the student who lives in a perpetual fog. They are going along with the flow, as all one's friends are doing it. You ask this student what will you be studying? Response? I don't know. Or they start out with one major, by second year, another and third year, a third. Clarity of mind is not their forte.

And then there is my happy-go-lucky student. Party over there, party over here. Let's just roll through college and have a grand time, cost it what it may! The irony is this student is quite popular on campus, though academics may suffer.

Just some observations.....see you next week. Check out notices below.



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