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Coming off a peaceful Easter weekend, it seemed somewhat difficult to rouse oneself to come back to work on April 6th for another work week in Jamaica. But back to work are we! Just a reminder that SAT registration closes on April 8...2 days away! Just for the record, Versan no longer does credit card payments for students without a credit card. But we are reminding you that the deadline is April 8th!


Many schools will be adding on 2 more years to test-optional SAT. Just remember, if you have a not so perfect transcript, the SAT becomes mandatory. Students with a near perfect transcript are the ones who benefit from test optional.


This pandemic has caused an economic freefall. The issue is we have had to slash prices for parents who are not working or lost much revenue. So therefore we are slashing our prices. Call Mrs. Buchanan for the new SAT prices. Use 7552187. We are updating the website as we speak. A few outdated numbers are there.


I had a refreshing, scintillating debate with one of our Asian students over a tasteless video posted in our Whatsapp group. Racism is ugly in any form, but though offensive, let us remember in any debate, there are three sides to a story, the opponent's, the proposer's and the truth. No one person's experience is the truth.


Some meetings are done virtually, with students depositing consultation fees to the bank before the start of consultation..during lockdown, this will prevail..


There will be no SATURDAY Appointments until further word from the Brogad. Smile. Again inappropriate. Evil grin.



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