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Pathway to Medical School

Many students from Jamaica think it is an uphill battle to attend medical school in the US. They also think it takes a longer time that that of studying medicine in Jamaica. The reality is one to look at. With a clustered field ahead for many medical school graduates from our local universities, students who opt to study overseas will have access to scholarships to attend medical school after their Bachelor's degree program. What must they have? They must have a strong GPA and covered courses in Chemistry, Biology and some Physics. With that said, enrolling into medical schools has not been difficult for international students.

So no fear.


September dates are available for visa appointments. Yes, it is late. But please inform your schools of late arrivals. It is accepted that the US embassies and Covid have uphill battles. So many universities will grant online start to classes until you get there.

Welcome to new students joining the program.


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