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Oh Happy/Sad Day!

I am not sure how I am thinking, but will make this blog short! What chaos in the world. Though we all sympathize with Ukraine, rest assured there are still wars going on elsewhere in the world. Do they not matter? Think on those things. It is wonderful to note that democracy has had a bit of an upswing with the war in Ukraine. I almost thought it was dead. I thought oligarchy, corruption, corporations, plutocracy ruled.

Yes, I do know SAT exam is rapidly advancing. And I hope you are all studying. Next blog will advise you of all things to take to the exam.

A short blog today, as you hav so many notices to read.


Indeed has compiled a list of fine arts careers paired with potential salaries that your students who are interested in pursuing a career reliant on their creativity might find informative and helpful as they consider programs and colleges.

Art and activism often go hand in hand. Encourage your art activist students to read up on those successful in those careers, like Cornell alumnus Rupert Kinnard, creator of the oldest continuing Black gay and lesbian comic characters in the U.S.

Alert your student artists, musicians, and thespians to this podcast: personal stories, conversations on craft, and interviews with fine arts leaders in the NEA Podcast.

Cornell's One Course Summer Institute connects high school students with college level courses in a next-level summer camp experience. Students can choose one course for which they will earn credit—in courses that cover the neuroscience of zombies, the gene editing tool CRISPR, drawing, creative writing, big data, food chemistry, and the study of artifacts.What college admissions mean by authenticity

Find out directly from enrollment and admission folks what they are looking for when they review college student applications, in particular, when so many colleges are asking for students to show off their authentic selves.

Give yourself a break and take a tour of a museum while eating lunch from your desk. It's almost like being there!

Connect with Cornell

Excellent Cornell candidates come from all over the nation and beyond. Do you have a student whose curiosity about how things work, how humans interact, how to approach a problem, or how to fully engage in their world is larger than life? Introduce us. We could be great for each other.


Dear Colleague:

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. The past year has continued to challenge us, but I am optimistic that in 2022 we will persevere and make strides toward stability. For BU, receiving a record-breaking 80,799 applications is a hopeful sign that students believe that the disruptions of the past two years are behind them and that their dream of attending college is on the horizon.

It is important to note that the academic quality of our applicants continues to strengthen as does the compositional diversity of the applicant pool. I would like to share some additional information about our applications with you.

Let me begin with the most exciting news about our incoming first-year class. We selected an exceptional group of 30 students as the inaugural class of QuestBridge Scholars at BU. These students are an impressive group of young people who, with their enormous talents and skills, will most definitely make their mark on the BU campus community.

  • BU received 6,311 applications for admission through ED and ED2. This is an 11.5% increase over last year, and we expect to enroll approximately 50% of our first-year class through these binding programs.

  • In total, 43.7% of applicants indicated an interest in having standardized test scores considered.

  • Applications from students from underrepresented groups increased 15% over last year, and first-generation college students make up 23% of BU’s applicant pool. Enrollment of first-generation, low-income, and URG students continues to be a priority for BU. Resources and mentorship from BU’s Newbury Center, a support-hub for first-generation students, along with our College Access & Student Success Office, ensure that students from underrepresented groups thrive on campus.

  • International students submitted 15,610 applications representing 168 countries.

  • BU’s enrollment target for the Class of 2026 is 3,100 students.

BU continues to innovate with the addition of the new Data Science major and construction of the Center for Computing and Data Sciences, set to open later this year. The BU Class of 2026 will include the first group of students admitted to this world-class, interdisciplinary program.

I am also pleased to report that BU will remain test optional for students applying for the fall 2023 and spring 2024 admissions cycle. I hope this gives your students much-needed clarity about our admissions requirements and allows them to focus their time and energy on finding the right college fit.

Finally, please encourage your students to set up and check their BU web accounts on the MyBU portal to confirm that all required credentials have been received. Admission decisions will be released on Saturday, March 26. Students will receive emails when their decisions are available.

As always, we are very appreciative of your support and assistance throughout this process, and I hope that you will contact us at 617-353-4492 or if you have any questions.

We wish your students the best of luck with their college applications.


Kelly A. Walter Associate Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions



Dear Sandra,

You and your students are invited to attend the STEM Virtual College Fair this Thursday, February 24from 4-8 p.m. (ET)!

NACAC Virtual College Fairs are a great opportunity to connect with colleges and they allow your students to pursue their college dreams. They can have a quick video chat with a rep, drop in on a virtual presentation, send a question through chat - they can make a connection THEIR way! Go now and check out a video on how it all works!

We look forward to seeing you and your students on Thursday!

Best wishes,

NACAC Virtual College Fairs Team

P.S. Can't make the fair over the fair hours? Registered attendees can still access the platform up to 7 days before and up to 7 days after the fair to view on demand videos and other content!Spring 2022 Schedule

Attend as many fairs as you wish! Click below to see a list of colleges that will share information about their programs, majors, financial aid, and more on each fair date. Additional colleges will be added throughout the spring.

Connect Virtually

COVID-19 has limited the opportunities for you to visit, learn about, and connect with colleges. We aim to bridge that gap through these special one-day events.

At each virtual fair, you can attend presentations by colleges, ask questions, and demonstrate interest... all without leaving home.

All of our fairs will also feature MatchMaking! At the time of registration, students will select the attributes that are most important to them in a college. They will then receive an email that best matches them to the specific colleges and universities based on the criteria they provided. Students can reference this email on the day of the fair to connect with their best-matches! Make sure to encourage your students to register early so they can take advantage of this great new feature.

Watch this short video for how-to information. And, be sure to sign up at well before each fair date!

In-Person College Fairs

Did you know NACAC is offering a limited series of in-person National College Fairs this spring? If you live in California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we are coming to a city near you. If your state isn’t on this list, we may be headed your way this fall.


February 2022

Greetings from Cornell University! Our admission committees are deeply engaged in the reading of applications, and we continue to receive and process required admission application materials received from you and your students. As part of Cornell’s commitment to our applicants, we will work closely with them and with you to complete applications so that we can make decisions. Important information and updates in the newsletter this month include: 1) Missing Application Materials, 2) Supplemental Materials, 3) Financial Aid, 4) Enrollment Deferrals, 5) Info for Prospective Students, and 6) Precollege Summer Program at Cornell.

In early February we began sending reminder emails to all students whose applications remained incomplete. We hope to receive and will continue to add any and all missing, required application materials to students’ files so that they can be reviewed. Students should continue to check their applicant portals to monitor their application status. Any applicant with an incomplete application, such that we cannot review the application, will be contacted in early March indicating next steps, up to and including our administratively withdrawing the incomplete application.

The deadline for students to add supplemental materials and updates to their application was February 15th. We are no longer encouraging the submission of supplemental materials by students, as we are now well into our review of applications and we cannot guarantee that supplemental information received at this late date will be accessible before an application decision is made. The Regular Decision international financial aid application deadline for international citizens has passed, and it is now too late to apply because we are need-aware in our review of admission applications for international citizens. The Regular Decision financial aid application deadline for U.S. citizens/permanent residents and eligible non-citizens was February 15th. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens – undocumented students with and without DACA, refugees and asylees, and long-term green card applicants – who are admitted have until June 1 to initiate a financial aid application if they wish to be considered for institutional aid.

For students interested in deferring their enrollment for one or two years, Cornell University broadly supports the notion of a gap year experience for students between high school and college. Successful gap year experiences start with a well-developed plan and include personal goals. Students considering Cornell for their undergraduate education must first apply and gain admission before requesting an enrollment deferral to participate in a gap year experience. Admitted and enrolling students should submit their official request by returning to their Cornell application status page and completing the Deferral Request Form. We may want to discuss deferral and gap year plans before granting a request. Early Decision admitted students who wish to request a deferral must do so by March 1, and Regular Decision admitted students who have deposited and wish to request a deferral must do so by June 1. More detailed information can be found on our enrollment deferral website. Just a few weeks ago, the Common Application released its 2022-2023 essay prompts for next year’s applicants. The prompts for next year remain unchanged from the current year and will be helpful as students begin their search processes in earnest and begin writing their admissions essays in the weeks and months ahead. On a related note, Cornell will release its own 2022-2023 college interest essay prompts by July, along with any other updates for fall 2023 applicants. In the meantime, your students can learn more about Cornell by taking part in one of our virtual Undergraduate Admissions Information Sessions offered on select Mondays in February and March. On-demand online and virtual content is also available via our Virtual Visit website, including student blogs; university, college and school information sessions; admissions requirements; information on all of our undergraduate majors; news, important updates, and so much more. We anticipate the start of in-person admission information sessions and campus tours in March. In the meantime, while admission information sessions and campus tours are unavailable, students and families are encouraged to watch a Cornell University Livestream General Campus Tour, hosted live by current undergraduate student tour guides and/or view our prerecorded Virtual General Campus Tour. And be sure to tell your students about our highly regarded Precollege Summer Program which engages motivated high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from around the world for two, three- and six-week courses. Courses are offered online and on campus. Students can earn college credits, learn from Cornell faculty, attend admissions workshops, connect with other students from around the US and the world, and get an early taste of college life. We thank you for your partnership and support during this busy time of year and invite you to contact us if you have any questions. Sincerely, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions Cornell University

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