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New Students

Recap on what items are necessary for the new term:

a. Get several test prep books for quiet practice at home with a clock. Yes, a clock is necessary, the exams are all about speed. Books? You have two options. you can have a relative or friend in America purchase books from Barnes and Noble bookstore or you can purchase at our offices in Kingston or Montego Bay.

b) Relegate a few hours per day to quiet study. Have good lighting, quiet area, table and desk, not the bed!

c) Register online by January 31 for all exams at the end of your 3 month study period. Do not miss your deadlines.

d) Read a lot, read widely. One can find a list of recommended books on our website,

e) If you are in the process of applying to schools now, book your consultations with our office to get the show on the road. Ensure that you are signed up for classes and consultations.

f) We spoke about immigration. All students enrolled with us could be leaving within a few months to a year. One should have a valid passport handy.

g) Have the telephone numbers of your teachers. When in troubled waters on any area of the exam, one calls for help!

h) Yes, consultations cover visa processing. So after classes, exams, acceptance and visa processing, then we host a Grand Farewell Ceremony (online) as the Covid sort out your next steps overseas. Do not miss it.

i) Parents should dialogue with us at any point so they keep you all in line during the process.


Hearty congrats to Mr. Coles currently at McAllie School who snatched a full ride to Rhodes College. And to our Mobay candidate for boarding school, Priya who got Havergal College, her first choice..And the list of acceptances continue to grow from strength to strength!

See you next week.


2021: A Year of Excellence

In 2021, we asked ourselves in the most turbulent of times, how would we continue to be a breeding ground for serving the common good? Across our New Brunswick campus, students and faculty took this clarion call and made 2021 a year of inspiration, growth, and progress. Let’s take a look:

President Jonathan Holloway believes education paired with public service can save democracy as he announced initiatives to make the university a leader in serving the common good.

Rutgers will take the lead to develop a plan with universities throughout the country to protect coastal areas increasingly threatened by extreme weather caused by climate change.

The Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services Community Center will serve adults with autism spectrum disorder through vocational and recreational programs.

The HUB is designed to foster the growth of start-up companies and new technologies in a range of industries and to support the translation of research into real-world applications enabling new ventures to grow and expand the New Jersey economy.

We look forward to another year of excellence at Rutgers, and we hope you’ll continue to share in our community’s triumph. Happy New Year!


Hi Sandra, Tufts Pre-College Programs give students the opportunity to explore a future career path, build a skill set, and grow alongside other driven learners. Our summer intensives are 1-3 week programs designed to help students dive into a specific subject. Summer 2022 applications are OPEN! Do you know a student looking to make a difference? Explore our climate, leadership, and international relations intensives!

Climate Resilience Institute (July 10–22) In this intensive, students will identify a socio-environmental research question, gather and analyze data on the subject, and synthesize their findings into a college-level capstone project.

Leadership for Social Change (July 10–22 and virtually July 31-August 12) Students will be introduced to the myriad ways civic leaders respond to social change and ruptures in society. International Relations (July 24–August 5) Students will analyze current events and theoretical frameworks through interactive virtual seminars and interrogate key concepts in collaborative discussion sections.

Tufts has something for every driven and passionate student! In addition to all of our 1–3 week intensives, we also offer 6-week programs that help students experience Tufts' college academics—whether they want to take one class or enjoy a full summer session schedule. Check out our 6-week options below.

  • Tufts College Experience

  • Tufts Summer Research Experience

  • Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers

Interested in learning more? Join us this month for a webinar about our social impact programs or our business and international relations programs. If you have any questions, please email us at, call us at 617-627-2926, or feel free to chat with us online. Thank you, Arianna Wilson Director, Pre-College Programs University College, Tufts University 617-627-2926


We’re accepting applications for the final spaces on our West Africa semester and Independent Spring Experience! Students should apply if … They want an unfiltered travel experience: immerse in the culture, dive into global topics, and help create the journey rather than being a passenger along for the ride. They're ready to unplug, be fully present, and forge meaningful new friendships. They want to earn college credit but would like a break from the classroom or virtual learning.

▼ ▼ ▼



Explore contemporary issues while delving into artistic and musical traditions in a culture renowned for its generosity and hospitality.

Departs February 11thLearn more >>



Explore contemporary issues while delving into artistic and musical traditions in a culture renowned for its generosity and hospitality.

Departs February 14thLearn more >>ENROLL NOW

Families can secure a spot today by submitting a student application and deposit. Have questions? Schedule a call with our Admissions Team to speak with us anytime.


Dear Colleague, A new calendar year has begun, inspiring motivation for positive change. We recognize the challenges you handled as you counseled and guided students and their families through continued difficult times; the dedication, flexibility, and strength that you applied did not go unnoticed. Your efforts are changing lives! And as students and families continue to look to you as they plan their futures, we hope the impact you make on them inspires you—and brings brighter days to your 2022. To ring in this new year, here are some Rutgers updates to share with your students and colleagues.

New Rutgers Admissions Website

Just this week, Rutgers University launched a new Undergraduate Admissions website for all three campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. The new website has streamlined navigation and a clean, easy-to-read interface that will help students, families, and education professionals quickly find the information they need.

Information specific to Rutgers University–New Brunswick Undergraduate Admissions can be found within the website navigation.

Rutgers Is Still Accepting Applications!

  • Students will be considered on a space-available basis and are urged to submit all required credentials as soon as possible.

  • As a reminder, students may select up to three schools when completing our application, and we recommend they do so in order to maximize admissions consideration at Rutgers.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Honors

  • Students who submitted a FAFSA or NJAFAA by December 1 will begin receiving their financial aid award notification no later than early March.

  • Notifications about scholarships and honors opportunities will be sent in early March. Only those selected will be notified.

  • Students can accept our offer of admission through their Rutgers Application Portal. The candidate's reply date is May 1.

Counselors' Information Center

We will notify you as soon as our Counselors' Information Center is up and running with 2022 applicant information. Please continue checking our counselors page for updates. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the user experience for this helpful tool.

Rutgers Women Thrive at Douglass

Douglass is a close-knit community of 2,600 Rutgers University–New Brunswick undergraduate women that share a common passion to do more with their education, career, and life! Douglass students share common interests such as human rights, social justice, equity, learning about other cultures, conducting research, and learning what leadership really means. Students of all majors and interests thrive at Douglass! Admitted Rutgers University–New Brunswick students are invited to Douglass Open House events this spring, to experience the Douglass Difference and claim their pathway to success!

Thank you for your continued partnership in 2022! Please contact us if you or your students have any questions about the fall 2022 application or the admission timeline. We are happy to help! Sincerely,

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Rutgers University–New Brunswick


Happy New Year and warm greetings from Ohio Wesleyan University. A few updates:

  • OWU’s regular admission deadline is March 1, so if you have students who are still looking for a small university (1,500 students) with over 70 majors, please consider OWU!

  • It’s free to apply, we are test optional (no SAT/ACT required), and all students are considered for merit scholarships.

  • Our average scholarship for international students was $35,000 last year (per year). Every student is automatically considered for a merit award. No matter in what application round a student applies, applicants receive a decision within 2-3 weeks after their application is complete.

  • All students are guaranteed housing and we recently opened a new first year residence and senior apartment village

  • We’ve added eSports and pre-nursing opportunities

  • Classes resumed yesterday – online this week, and as students test for COVID and get their required boosters, we’ll resume in person classes next week.

OWU Scholarships for Non-US Citizens Bashford, International Baccalaureate, and Cambridge A levels Scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $42,000 per year, and the Schubert and Rutherford B. Hayes Full Tuition Scholarships

  • Automatic consideration for merit scholarships

  • 95% of international students receive some financial assistance from OWU

  • Students should submit the International Student Financial Aid form (available online through the applicant portal)

  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and/or merit

  • Standardized testing (SAT/ACT) is optional for all scholarship applicants

  • The Rutherford B. Hayes Scholarship is only for students from Paraguay

OWU Scholarships for US Citizens and Permanent Residents Bishop, Eagle Scout, Godman, Monett, Eliott and Branch Rickey scholarships for US citizens are open until March 1 and range from $20,000 to $30,000 per year. The Wesleyan Scholarship ($10,000 per year for four years) or the Schubert Scholarship (full-tuition, renewable for four years). Additional Scholarships for Both US and non-US Citizens

  • Meek Community Service and Leadership Scholarship worth $10,000 per year (or $40,000 over the course of four years) rewards two incoming, first-year students each year who exhibit outstanding participation in community service and strong leadership skills. Students who receive this scholarship are expected to maintain their high standards of service and continue to lead within the Ohio Wesleyan community. The Meek Scholarship can be stacked on top of other awards a student may receive. Students need to apply for the Meek Community Service and Leadership Scholarship before February 1.

  • Visit scholarship - an additional $1,000 per year up to 4 years is awarded to a student who visits by May 1.

  • Life/Eagle Scout Scholarship recognizes students who are Life or Eagle Scouts. An unlimited number of Life or Eagle Scouts will be awarded a $32,000 renewable scholarship up to 4 years. Students must apply.

  • Department Awards - merit awards are also conferred by various academic departments, including Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance, Economics, and Education. These scholarships are awarded based on competitive review (portfolio, audition, interview) by respective departments. Awards vary.

Why OWU, you may ask?

  • OWU is a College that Changes Lives

  • Just 30 minutes from Columbus, Ohio (the 14th largest city in the US) and 2 minutes walk from the vibrant yet safe downtown Delaware, Ohio

  • More than 70 majors – some unique ones include zoology, health and human kinetics, BFA in music, astrophysics, data analytics, and many more cool majors

  • Every student is guaranteed research and internships through OWU Connection Experiences ultimately leading to a rate of 97% job and graduate school placement (even during COVID)

I welcome questions from students, parents and counselors by email at Or schedule a meeting or virtual info session! Sincerely, Kristin Crosby Director of International Admission Tour | Chat | Discover | Visit | Schedule


Want scholarships? We thought so.

Everyone can use some help paying for college. The UAF Scholarship Application is your one-stop application for privately-funded UAF scholarships. The deadline to apply is Monday, Feb. 15. You'll need to be admitted to UAF to apply, so start your application today!Learn More about Scholarships

Apply for Admission

The first step is to apply to UAF. Get started by logging into the application portal and completing your application for admission. Be sure to attach or send us your transcripts so we can review your application and make a decision — unofficial is fine!Apply for Admission at UAF

Have you filed your FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2022-2023 is now available — this is required for the Nanook Commitment Scholarship and Alaska Performance Scholarship and is what qualifies you for consideration for grants and loans.Learn More about FAFSA

We're here to help.

Connect with your admissions counselor. Call or text 907-474-7500, or email


The Deans of Admission from eight leading national liberal arts colleges invite you to join them for a presentation and conversation. We hope that you and/or other members of your staff can join us for one of the following sessions:

The program, which will last an hour, will begin with very brief presentations from each institution, and then will move to an open Q&A session. We hope to share with each of you a bit about the extraordinary experience offered to students at residential liberal arts and science colleges, and we also look forward to connecting with you for questions and conversation about the college admission process. We very much hope you can join us for one of the programs and look forward to the opportunity for colleagueship! Sincerely,

Jennifer Sandoval-Dancs Claremont McKenna College Matt Bonser Colorado College Andy Strickler Connecticut College Joe Bagnoli Grinnell College

Jess Lord Haverford College Diane Anci Kenyon College Jeff Allen Macalester College Kevin McKenna Sarah Lawrence College

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