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More Canadian and US Colleges

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I promised that this week I would continue introducing schools. In Canada.

University of Winnipeg

7th largest city in Canada. Growing Economy. Safe city.

Manitoba is known for agriculture, manufacturing. Affordable cost of living.

Post degree professional programs: Supply Chain Management, Public Relations. Human Resource Management. Industry professionals lecture. Cost is CDN $16000-$20000 annually.

Bishop's University

3000 students. 29% international students. Contact:

Liberal Education: Business, Natural Sciences and Maths, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Mt. Allison

2000 plus students.

Close to St Thomas University

Strong liberal arts program. Ranked as one of the best small colleges.

For visa processing details, go to

Purdue (USA)

North Indiana, 44000 students

20% international

Nov 1 deadline

Jan 15 Regular decision

Strong majors: Vet Medicine, Nursing, Aviation, STEM careers

Indiana University

No ACT/ SAT required. Nov 1 Priority deadline. Majors: Music, Nursing, Business, Cybersecurity, Informatics, Environment

Notre Dame

90 miles from Chicago

Apply by Nov 1 for scholarships

Campus in Rome for Study Abroad

Entrepreneurship strong area, Honors Programs,

See you all next week!

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