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Well, they have come and gone. Many of my US clients flew up to vote. I think we all believed the Doomsday news about the Republican victory....We all did. What is a triumph is that America brought back some sanity to its political system. Even talks with the Chinese Premier saw some light at the end of the tunnel....And then there came missiles from Russia, waging war on Ukraine's neighbors - Poland.

I suspected that Putin could not accept failure and loss of Kherson. When the back is against the wall - unpredictability steps in. An awful gesture for Putin. Says how weak the Russians are in face of the NATO alliance.

What does all this bode for my students? Staying abreast of current events is critical. Analyzing the news and developing critical reading and thinking skills, poignant. Ergo, so you can stick to the facts and not any lies disseminated by rabid politicians.

And guess what? Gen Z saved the USA. It was the youths who came out, voted and changed the course of a fascist America. Young people, blacks, folks are entering a significant era of sweeping change. Imagine. The Senate is back in the hands of the Democratic party. Golly! BACK TO SAT This Saturday, a few students have been forced to sit SAT early. I believe that for some unforeseen circumstance they are forced to sit the experimental SAT exam. Those students can meet me any day this week for some intense drills. Just those students... SSAT Good luck with your interviews at the Pegasus. I believe you will all fare well. I have some of the interviewers were quite impressed with the Versan cohort. Excellent. GMAT and LSAT The struggle continues, though I do see progress on the frontline.

CSS Profile Happy to see most have completed and submitted. FAFSA completed. Financial Aid forms ironed out. Good progress. See you next week.



Global Speaker Series 2022/2023 Every year our incredible Dragons instructors—with years of international education experience—speak in classrooms across the US to share their perspectives and insights on pressing global issues. This year, celebrating our 11th annual Global Speaker Series, Dragons is committed to offering FREE talks both in classrooms and via Zoom for the greater public to enjoy. Our talks focus on topics such as climate change, social justice, and global public health (just to name a few) that you’d be likely to learn about first-hand on a Dragons program.

✫ FEATURED 2022/2023 TALKS ✫ MINDFUL LIVING: THE YOGIC WAY SYNOPSIS: How can we use yoga to achieve a complete state of relaxation and bliss? Though the benefits of yoga are well-known, the fundamental purpose of yoga is often overlooked by many modern practitioners. Beyond merely bending the body, the science of yoga provides the ultimate tool for enhancing human capabilities and functioning at the highest peak of body and mind. When we say “yoga,” for most people it probably means twisting the body into impossible postures. That’s not what yoga is all about. Asanas are a very preparatory step, but unfortunately they are being propagated as the whole of yoga. Yoga means to be in perfect tune with your body, mind and spirit such that existence is in absolute harmony. SPEAKER: Hemant Kumar Tiwari, M.Sc. & B.Sc. in Yoga (Theory & Practice), Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University LANGUAGE, POWER AND PRIDE: THREE INDIAN STORIES SYNOPSIS: India, the world’s largest democracy, is also home to hundreds of languages, twenty-two of which are officially used for governing. How does such a diverse country function and communicate? And how can understanding modern India provide insight into dealing with conflict in a multicultural democracy? Rebecca will draw on her more than a decade of experience living, studying and working in India to tell the stories of how three major linguistic conflicts have shaped the country. This talk will explore religious tensions, the rise of ethnic political parties and the marginalization of indigenous communities, all through the lens of the languages involved. SPEAKER: Rebecca Winslow, BA South Asia Studies, Wellesley College COMMODITY, COMMUNITY OR SACRED: A MULTICULTURAL PERSPECTIVE ON FRESH WATER SYNOPSIS: The most abundant component of the earth, inherently valuable and fundamental to any ecosystem: water. One of the most pressing social issues of our time, it is a multidimensional resource, sometimes perceived as an economic good, sometimes as a common good and for some communities as a living being or a sacred spirit. This talk is a journey through different contexts and cultures, perceptions and possibilities that coexist around fresh water. SPEAKER: Itza Martinez de Eulate Lanza, M.A. Water Science and Integrated Management, Universidad de Barcelona | B.A. Environmental Engineer, Universidad Centro Americana (UCA) in Managua, Nicaragua | Instructor in Biointensive Growing Method by Ecology Action in Willits, California, USA

WWW.WHERETHEREBEDRAGONS.COM 303.413.0822 -OR- 800.982.9203


Greetings from Bentley University! Our “Admission 101: Guiding you through the College Admission Process” series continues with a blog post on acing the college interview. The college interview, whether in person or virtual, is a great opportunity for students to share more about themselves, and it also allows admission counselors a chance to outline how their school might be a good match for them. We talked to the experts on our admission team to get their thoughts on what makes a winning interview, and what your students can do to stand out. Check it out today! We hope this information, and our entire Admission 101 series, gives you another tool for helping your students’ college search stay on schedule. Thank you for all you do.

Donna M. Kendall Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Undergraduate Admission

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