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Keeping Humor During the Pandemic

I try to keep my students amused during the lockdown and stay- home situations from the physical classroom.

Though we are bamboozled by the instability of white supremacists, role of the Black person in this tumultuous world, state of the future in education, shifting SAT dates and cancellations, the gloominess of daily news, the murders, domestic abuse of children and women, Covid vaccines, inability to follow rules thus endangering others, whew! I ever stop this list?

I know I have many more to go....

HUMOR still remains at the top of my list keep my students going. Whatever I find of note on Tiktok or social media, I send in the Whatsapp group. We must keep on laughing to stay under the light and fight the gloominess surrounding us. We must wake up to the bright blue sky, white cloud and sunny day,,,,and just smile. While we lose loved ones.

We salute in today's blog two past parents, Stephanie Scott and Mrs. Bogues. We taught and counseled their children. We are sorry to see them go. And Mr. Bryan of Bryan's Photo studio. A pioneer in photography, he is where we sent all students to get their photos taken in King's Plaza upstairs. We will still use his services..

On another note, I want to talk about the power of Home-Schooling. We at Versan have home-schooled two students via the Brigham Young Home School Program. Both students completed their high school program in my office, with high GPA's. We are proud to note that paige Andrade just completed her first term in college and earned a Dean's List performance and a 3.9 GPA. Virtual high school home schooling prepared her for this pandemic and online classes. Superb. Moral lesson: remain flexible at all times.

See you next week.








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