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It’s Back to School!

As parents and students scurry to find lodging, books, school fees, the gloom of high inflation sets in and lurks above all optimistic plans.

Cost of securing a student visa hovers around US$500.

Cost of book purchases for college runs the gamut of US$1500 to $3000.

Insurance while studying overseas is easily US$2500.

The airfare, depends on the state, from $500 to $2500…

So costs escalate… pocket money?

When parents ask me how much do we factor in after scholarships , grants, loans…there you go.

It is not an easy road and only expected to increase….

President Biden is about to expunge loans for students who have owed for some time…unfortunately, internationals are not a part of that redemption story.

Missed Consultations

I have missed a few because I am away from my desk. I will make up as soon as I can.


Please register for your exams before it is too late!

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