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It is 2024! More Acceptances Are Rolling In

Here is an updated list, unless the office has not been briefed.  We maintain this list, not for posterity, but for our Farewell Ceremony in May.


Gabriel Mian - Florida Atlantic

Calesha Mills- Howard University

Gianni Francis- Howard University

Christina Louis- Southern Methodist, High Point, University of Pittsburgh

Dominic Ricketts- Howard University

Damon Ricketts- Otis College

Asaph Reynolds- Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Arielle Jennings- Long Island University

Gabrielle Bassan- Stonybrook University

Karan Samtani- Nova Southeastern

Ysabel Peyrefitte- Havergal

Anastasia Fraser- FIT, Florida Southern

Jody- Ann Forrester- Seton Hall, St. John's Fisher, Hofstra, SUNY Albany

Gabriella Scott- Fisk

Yousef Ibrahim- St. Leo's, Barry

Shantae Facey- Fisk, Univ of Southern Mississippi, St. Thomas University

Israel Allen- Queen's University of Charlotte, Dartmouth

Toni-Ann Collier- Nova Southeastern, Barry, Stonybrook 

Keep them flowing.


So apparently, the site opened, but is still malfunctioning.  It is a wait and see game.  I will do a session in order to facilitate when operable.


I do hope you are all well rested.  Ready to go on external scholarships.  Over the holidays, we put together a booklet that holds a scholarship list.  As soon as the printer delivers, we will all have you come in for a free copy.  It is quite useful.

May 2024 be a great year.  I pray for a ceasefire in Ukraine and Gaza.  That Trump gets knocked off the ballot.  That Jamaica will be crime free. That you all get your schools of choice.

P.S.  If I left off some of your schools, please let me know so I can update.

Welcome back! See you next week.

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