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There are a few families who are receiving financial aid packages that fall short of the full package many had hoped to earn.

First, let us be realistic.  If one's child earned a half scholarship, leaving the family's responsibility to cover the other half, do not despair.  Here are your options:

1) Get the Versan Toolkit.  Go to the last page where scholarships are listed.  Check those resources.

2) Use the Scholarship Handbook 2024 ( found on Amazon) and research all external scholarships.

3) Have a relative or friend in US with good credit cosign with your child.  Requirements: they should be legal residents of US and have worked for more than 2 years.

4) If your academic track record is strong along with your SAT score, then you can write to the Financial Aid office and barter for more financial aid.

So, panic not, there are many ways to skin the financial aid cat!


Anastasia Fraser - University of Central Florida

Mikayla Brooks - Barry University, SUNY: Plattsburgh

Daniel Jennings: US: Santa Barbara

Orianne Fisher: Barry University

Paige Barrett: Indiana Tech University

Daniel Ricketts: University of Bridgeport

Caitlin Kumst: Bryant University, Hofstra University, PACE, Merrimack

Maya Kumst: University of Glasgow, Royal Veterinary College

Any questions, do schedule your consultation!


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