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Many American families are figuring out this behemoth of college costs. They are spiraling and we do not see where on the horizon these costs are going to plummet or plateau.

What to do?

Well, there happens to be Coursera or BYU Online. What are those? These are online portals that allow you to use your summertime or classtime to get courses done and have them added as credits to your college major. One has to have 120 credits to graduate with a Bachelor's degree.

So what of that math course, a Physics course, a Social Anthropology course? Get them added, waste no time in college and graduate faster. The courses are not that expensive.

Guess what? They are accredited. BYU stands for Brigham Young University. They function as a university online and offline. We have used their courses to assist high school students complete high school classes and graduate from their online high school. We can also use the platform for completion of college in certain areas.

An option to think about....

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