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I am currently at the IECA Conference in Tampa, Florida where new trends are discussed for college consultants.

I have not participated since Covid so I was somewhat shocked at a few developments that have left our Caribbean students in the dust. We have to jump on board.

The new trend is students are doing research papers, one on one, with mentors aka grad students or professionals in their field of interest. It could be in the area of science, Arts, just about any topic. What is of interest is they are working with Harvard, Oxford, Princeton. Students start as early as 3rd form.

Can you imagine when they are ready for college? And they have recommendations from leading professors and a research paper on a certain topic? That they also have good knowledge on how to write a probing analytical paper before college?

That is like earning a 1600 out of 1600 before applying to college!

Versan's prospective students will benefit from this new trend!

We are living in a culture where lies are perpetrated without much fact-checking. If we are going to have more students incorporate this level of critical thinking, well, I can humorously say, no more Donald Trumps and away with authoritarianism.

LSAT Students:

I also walked away with a truism for this group. You can take the LSAT up to 3 times. Admissions will walk away with your highest score. Scores are not averaged.


These students took their exam last week. I know they have done well as they outperformed themselves in class. Cannot wait to see their scores.

SAT group

Well, scores out this Friday....we will see...


Sandra, I’m here to tell you Miami is a place like no other. The Magic City perfectly positions University of Miami students to have a prestigious academic experience in a culturally diverse environment. Here are some points to share with your students and families about our unique location.

To share this information, right click the graphic above and click Save Image As.

There is a seat for everyone at the proverbial table both in the city of Miami and at the University. We hope your students will pull up a chair.

Don't hesitate to utilize my colleagues and me as a resource. Visit to locate your designated admission counselor by territory.


Dear Sandra,

November 1 has come and gone, and with it, our first application deadline! It’s hard to believe that we are this far into the year. We wanted to take a moment to share insight into the Northeastern application process with you.

Join Us for a Q+A

Please join Ebony Clinton Brown, Dean of Admissions, and Katie Fulton, Director of Admissions, for a virtual Q+A session for school counselors on Tuesday, December 5, at 3:00 p.m. EST. Our goal will be to unpack our application process, review our enrollment opportunities, and ensure you have all the information needed to best counsel your students on the next steps. Click here to register.

Early Decision Benefits

Early Decision Benefits include: an application fee waiver, an early need-based financial aid estimate, and the ability to earn credits through the NU Accelerate Scholarship once admitted. For students whose top choice is Northeastern, we recommend they consider applying Early Decision as they will be provided with the ability to make an informed financial commitment through the early estimated need-based financial aid review. Further, as we recognize that Early Decision students make a commitment to us, we’re making a commitment back to them to give them the best possible final decision at this time.

Enrollment Opportunities and ED Binding Decisions

As a reminder, Early Decision applicants will only be committed to their first-choice preference if they are admitted into that program. This will be true for preferences of any of our five enrollment options. ED applicants will not be committed to an enrollment program if they are admitted into a program that was not their first-choice preference—in that case, a non-binding decision would be issued. All applicants are asked for their program preferences in the institution specific section of the application. All applicants are considered for all opportunities; however, applicant preferences will help inform the admissions committee. The admissions team will also take into consideration the applicant's academic compatibility based on intended major, financial fit, and other factors when determining which enrollment option is the best fit for the individual.

Deadlines and Required Materials

As a reminder, for students who submitted their application by November 1 for Early Decision I or Early Action, there is additional time to submit all required documents. Specifically, EDI applicants have until November 15 to get all of the required materials submitted, and EA applicants have until December 1.

Feedback Cycle and Process Improvements We know the college application process is time-consuming for all involved, and we, like many institutions, are constantly striving to collect applicant information in an efficient way. For example, this year, we have joined many peers in requiring all students to complete a Self-Reported Academic Record. We also value the feedback from our colleagues; upon learning a new question in the Application Status Check regarding advanced credit was causing confusion, we removed it. We encourage you to engage with our explanatory emails and posts, and please reach out when something is still unclear.

Final Thoughts

Over the past decade, we have been extremely fortunate to have grown our applicant pool with talented and well-qualified applicants for admission. Based on past application cycles, both the Early Action and Regular Decision applicant programs have been highly competitive. For students who believe Northeastern is their top choice, we recommend considering applying through Early Decision.

We thank you for your continued partnership through this application cycle. If you have any questions, our admissions team is available at


Ebony Clinton Brown Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Satyajit Dattagupta Chief Enrollment Management Officer

Northeastern University


Dear Colleagues,

As you help your students navigate their applications, we wanted to share some of the resources that have been helpful for our applicants (and students who applied to other schools!) We encourage you to share the below with students, supporters, and colleagues.

Admissions officers walk students through how to complete the activities section of their applications and provide tips on how to choose and articulate community contributions. WATCH NOW → A discussion of the various essays required in college applications (including Penn's supplemental essays) and how students can distinguish themselves. WATCH NOW →

A general overview of the college application process and an introduction to distinct types of institutions, financial aid, and application plans. WATCH NOW → Marc Lo discusses Penn First Plus's work to support first-generation and limited-income students on campus. Student leaders share their advice. WATCH NOW →

We encourage you to explore our YouTube page for even more content, and to visit our virtual events page for upcoming opportunities to learn more about life at Penn. With gratitude, Penn Admissions


Sandra,The message below is written by Georgia Tech's First-Year Semester Abroad program staff.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to high school students as they navigate the challenging but exciting college search and admission processes.

We are reaching out to share with you about an innovative program for first-year students at Georgia Tech. The First-Year Semester Abroad (FYSA) program gives first-year students the opportunity to begin their college careers on our campus in France (Georgia Tech Europe) or at Mansfield College, University of Oxford.

As you meet students who may be particularly interested in starting their college careers abroad, we hope you will share this program with them. Additional details about the program and specific details of our two tracks can be found on our website.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please connect with our program staff via email.Go Jackets!

Elizabeth Reese Program and Operations Manager - FYSA

Office of Undergraduate EducationWhy FYSA & How Does it Work?FYSA provides an opportunity for students who wish to internationalize their college career right from the start. This enriching co-curricular program, designed by Georgia Tech faculty, allows for a meaningful, immersive learning opportunity while maintaining the same diploma trajectory as students who begin on the main campus in Atlanta.

Admitted first-year undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the First Year Semester Abroad (FYSA) program. Review details for eligibility.Why FYSA? Students Share Their Testimonials

Sarah Eidiazadeh & Emma Menzies

“During our fall break trip to Brussels, we had the opportunity to broaden our perspectives and worldviews. This chance was presented to us in many different instances: learning about the inner workings of the European Union from inside the EU Commission building, living with a Belgian host family, and traveling independently to Amsterdam, Bruges, and Ghent. These experiences helped us not only further our worldview, but it also introduced us to the warm heart of our host family, the liveliness of Brussels, and the gorgeous canals of Amsterdam and Bruges. Through our experiences over fall break, we can wholeheartedly say that both of our lives have been enriched because of it.” Read more student testimonials.

FYSA Social Media

Check out and share FYSA's social media platforms with your students! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Early Decision I application deadline is tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the Early Decision I application deadline is November 15 for seniors with Colgate at the top of their list. Early Decision is an ideal option for students who have identified Colgate as their top choice.

Application Deadlines

Early Decision I - November 15 Regular Decision and Early Decision II - January 15

As your high school student continues their college search process, keep in mind Colgate’s visit options, virtual programming, and application deadlines.


Gary Ross The Jones and Wood Family Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid

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