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Boarding School Bonanza

I mentioned last week, I would continue showcasing boarding schools. Here goes..

Santa Catalina, CA

Found off the coast of California, this all girls school is an academic and athletic powerhouse. Financial aid available.

Shattuck-St. Mary's, MN

Yes, freezing temperatures...known for soccer, basketball, ice hockey. Strong performing arts program. Much flexibility with curriculum. Strong academics and college placement.

The Athenian School, CA

This is all about location! Silicon Valley, Stanford and Berkeley are close by. Did I mention, also Napa Valley? Unique computer program, fantastic architecture on school grounds. Soccer and Basketball, top athletic programs.

Stanstead College, Canada

Conducted in French and English, 50 percent Americans attend (strong ice hockey program).

Luther College, Canada

Strong performing Arts program, ESL program, found near town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Knox School, NY

Great discovery on Long Island. One can earn college credits before college. Strong academics, sports: rowing, equestrian, soccer and basketball. 116 students in total.

The Marvelwood School, CT

140 students. 20 percent international students. Round Square Program is available. Exchange program with Dover College in UK. Summer program for Dyslexia, OG Remediation program and a new Performing Arts Center. Cross country and skiing also available. Some financial aid.

Fox Croft, ME

Do not confuse this school with the one in VA. It is not, this one is co-Ed. Founded in 1823, there are 22 varsity students, IB program, 20 AP classes..Top sports are wrestling, American football, soccer and track!

Renovations are an ice rink for ice hockey, speed and figure skating, curling.

Interesting activities and classes are Forensics, Rock band, CAD, Art Portfolios.

Kent's Hill School, ME

Co-Ed.Safe environ. Soccer, basketball, ice hockey, baseball. Art programs, wide variety. New dining facility, world cuisine effected. 10-12 AP's provided.

Search with due diligence for the schools that appeal to you. See you next week.




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