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And away we term!

So Sunday was as expected, the first glitches for the first day of classes...all the mistakes to be expected...but we rallied through. Next week Sunday, we will meet at 3 for SAT and not 12. Less confusing, then! SSAT will meet at 3.

These are the first day obstacles, on to smooth sailing.


We have met a few students alo

ng the way who would not fit in at Versan. If you are one of these types, it is best to move on and find greener pastures:

1) You do your own thing and seek no advice.

2) Assignments are never completed.

3) We hardly hear from the student, but always from the parent.

4) You try to "con" the system, making up facts as you go along. I have been quoted where I have not made any such suggestions....

5) You do not listen.

6) You fail to organize.

7) You do not try to breathe and start again.

8) You consider yourself an abject failure.

9) You are overconfident.

10) Unable to laugh at yourself.

Honestly, these students should look elsewhere. We do like the opposite profiles and can work wonders with those students who do not fit the profiles above mentioned.


For the new cohort enrolled, we will have a meeting for parents coming up soon. Stay posted.

COLLEGEBOARD and the December exam.

Time to enroll soon.


A Versan student has been nominated for the Fulbright scholarship. Her name is Alana Nelson, former St. Jago Student, this is for our GRE group. Congrats to her and this nomination. She is a budding Film editor.

Other Competition

We have another consultee who is up for a film competition and to be awarded if nominated. I will keep it secret until she wins. Will keep you all posted.


Read below.


Dear Sandra,

On behalf of the Columbia College Chicago Admissions Office, I am pleased to announce that our 2022 application is now open—and to bring your attention to an important shift in our admissions process.

Columbia College Chicago is now entirely test-free. I hope you'll take a moment to read more about our reasoning behind this decision at the link, but the short version is this: Standardized test scores will play no role in our determination of admissibility, or in awarding merit-based scholarships.

Your students can apply to Columbia with the assurance that we'll be conducting a holistic review of their application, focused on the intellect and creativity they'll bring to our campus community.

Please note that certain standardized tests will remain an option for international students who need to demonstrate English proficiency, and we will continue to grant college credit for qualifying scores on Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and CLEP tests.

Thank you for partnering with us to find the right fit for your students. We know the challenges of the last 18 months still remain for the foreseeable future—just as we know that educators like you are rising to the occasion.

If you have any questions about Columbia College Chicago, we are always here to help.


Derek Brinkley Assistant Vice President Undergraduate Admissions 312-369-7493 Pronouns: he/him/his




We’ve begun a new semester at Rice University and have worked diligently to welcome students back to campus safely. Our newest students settled in after an exhilarating O-Week, classes have begun, and we’re looking forward to more clubs and organizations planning events and making new memories this semester.

As we look ahead this academic year, we’d like to provide a few updates:

New Majors: We’ve launched a major in operations research in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics, as well as a business major in our well-known School of Business.

Enrollment Growth: This year, we welcomed the largest group of first-year students in Rice's history. It's the beginning of our plan to increase the undergraduate student body by 20 percent in the next four years.

Testing Policy: Students applying to Rice for entry in 2022 will not be required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission consideration.

Application Deadline: Beginning this year, Rice’s regular decision application deadline is Jan. 4.

Admission Events: We are hosting a number of events for students to learn more about Rice, including student-led tours and our popular, virtual Application Advice Series.

One other thing we're excited to share is our latest O-Week video. Check it out to get a glimpse of one of our favorite traditions at Rice.


Reed’s muddy waters are worth the wade.

At the center of Reed’s campus is a sylvan glen, a 28-acre canyon featuring a small lake, ponds, and a copious collection of native flora and fauna. Spurred by Reed’s commitment to independent research, biology students use the glen as a field laboratory, exploring the canyon under the watchful gaze of heron and salamander. In the summer of their junior year, bio major Rachel Fox and environmental studies-bio major Claire Brumbaugh-Smith ventured into the glen to study how dissolved oxygen affects the habitat of frogs and other amphibians. Working under cover of night in an area known as the Fischer Ponds, they donned chest boots and headlamps, wading knee-deep in the muck while they staked out sections and dip-netted our amphibious friends to determine exactly which species were sharing our muddy waters and calling them home.


Dear Sandra Bramwell, Thank you for your interest in Stony Brook University. You play a vital role by helping students navigate through the ever-changing landscape of college admissions. We're here to assist you along the way. For your convenience, a series of important links to our website can be found below:

  • Information for Counselors

  • Admission Criteria

  • Application Procedures and Test-Optional Information

  • AP & College Credit

  • Majors and Degrees

  • Cost, Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Honors Programs

Why Do Students Love Stony Brook?

  • SBU is among the top 15 best value public colleges (Forbes magazine).

  • Students can catch a train to New York City or head to the beach.

  • U.S. News & World Report places us among the top 40 public universities and top 100 universities in the nation.

  • Nearly 95 percent of recent graduates are either employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school.

  • Students gain real-world experience through internships in Long Island and New York City and/or hands-on research opportunities in SBU’s labs and University Hospital.

An SBU education is the best investment that hard-working, smart and driven students can make in their future. If you need additional information or have any questions about Stony Brook University, please feel free to email us at or text us at (631) 364-0455.


Judith Berhannan Dean of Admissions


Sandra,College application season is here! While the year ahead will continue to hold unique challenges, I’m encouraged that it is also providing your students more access to information and faculty/staff/students on college campuses.

I'm reaching out to make you aware of some virtual college events that are taking place in the coming weeks.

2021 CUBE Tour

We are partnering with Harvey Mudd College, Purdue University, and Olin College of Engineering to host the 2021 CUBE Tour (Colleges United Bringing Engineering to You). This is a great opportunity for high school counselors and students to learn more about each school's engineering program, application process, and financial aid options. We invite you to join the CUBE Tour counselor webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. EDT. Student sessions will be held on Monday, Sept. 20 and Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Greater Atlanta-area Colleges Spotlight

We are extremely excited to partner with our sister Atlanta-area colleges and universities to host a FREE Virtual College Exploration event for high school counselors and students Wednesday, Sept. 29 - Thursday, Sept. 30. During this two-day event, you will have the opportunity to hear from eight Atlanta-area colleges, including Georgia Tech. This event will feature panels on the college search process and Atlanta's college environment, as well as two counselor-specific sessions.

Please continue to check our website for the most up-to-date counselor event schedule and resources.

Go Jackets!

Rick Clark

Director of Admission


New at NYU

  • In person campus tours are back at NYU! While our Bonomi Family Admissions Center remains closed to walk-in visitors, guests can sign up for a tour of our NYC campus led by NYU Student Ambassadors. Due to COVID safety protocols, space in each tour is limited.

  • This fall, we're hosting virtual events this fall as part of our ongoing Counselor Learning Series. Our first event of the fall is taking place on Wednesday, October 20th (see details below)

  • NYU's deadlines for Early Decision I & II are November 1st and January 1st, respectively; Our regular decision deadline is January 5th.

  • NYU will remain test optional for transfer and first year applicants for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle.

You're Invited: Navigating Academic Pathways at NYU

With three degree-granting campuses, 10 undergraduate schools, and more than 270 majors and minors offered, the academic options for NYU students are virtually limitless. But it can be tough to know where and how to start. This session offers high school counselors a primer on NYU academics and how to help your students approach the admissions process.

First Up: Resources for First Generation Students at NYU

NYU has robust support networks designed specially to connect first-generation college-goers with the resources they need to exceed. Read about some of the ways NYU supports first-generation students from orientation, to graduation, and beyond.

Virtual Experiences

There are countless opportunities for students to connect live with NYU Admissions this fall! From virtual campus tours to open houses and workshops, students can engage with Admission Counselors and current students during our interactive fall events. View the full list of events and register at our Virtual Experiences website.

13 Ways to Be a Global Public Health Major

At NYU, Global Public Health majors take the lessons of 2020 to heart, immersing themselves in the study of health across academic disciplines and national boundaries.semester. Learn more about how to pursue a GPH major at NYU.

The Dos and Don'ts When Applying to NYU

There are many dos and don’ts for the college application process. NYU Undergraduate Admission's Associate Director of Operations provides a few tips with a focus on making the process go as smoothly as possible. Read Jasmine's article.

Pathways to Graduate School as an NYU Undergrad

Many students apply to NYU with plans to pursue an advanced degree already in place. NYU Admissions Counselor Kat breaks down how to pursue pre-law, pre-health, and pre-MBA tracks as an undergraduate. Read more.

An Tandon School of Engineering Alum's Quest to Build a Better Motor

By leveraging NYU's expert faculty along with its entrepreneurial and prototyping resources, Tandon alumni Nader Ahmed brought his idea to life. Read More.


Reedies find a myriad of ways to create and connect. Here are two quick reads and a video that we think you’ll find interesting, plus upcoming fall events.

Prof. Schaack on the Nature of Change

We kicked off the fall semester with a tremendous welcome from Prof. Sarah Schaack. Hear how she describes the nature of change in her dynamic convocation speech.

Reed Initiative to Boost Diversity in STEM

Reed continues to make strides towards a more inclusive future, now supported through a grant from the Moore Foundation. A key element of the grant is the establishment of research positions specifically for underrepresented students.

Pirouetting through the Pandemic

Students and professors have found creative ways to continue learning through the pandemic. Whether a biology lab or a dance studio, Reedies have pushed to make high-quality classes possible and accessible.

Upcoming Fall Events

Learn more about Reed by scheduling a virtual campus tour or visit us in person. And don’t forget to check out some of our upcoming virtual events that will help you navigate the college admission process.

  • Case Study of a College Application – Monday, September 20, 3 p.m. PDT: Learn what your college application will look like through an admission officer’s eyes and find out what matters most in the admission process.

  • Understanding Financial Aid – Wednesday, September 29, 4 p.m. PDT: Understand the fundamental components of financial aid and get guidance on discussing college financing as a family.

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