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HAPPY TO SEE OUR NEWLY MINTED MIRANDA SALTER in the throes of Climate Change Activism in NYC. The cultural change from jamaica to NYC has needed some tweaking, but our Miranda looks pleased as plum pudding beside her new college mates.


This Saturday is the big day for our summer cohort of students. Ready or not, here it comes....whisper is that some are already using this as a dry run and hoping December will be the final one. The last two mock exams set were extremely difficult, so for anyone sitting the exam this Saturday, add 100 points to the score on the mock exam. Those who sat the exam on Monday night, your test papers are ready at the office. Do ask for the test paper and answer sheets so you can review your errors.

What will you need on test day?

Get to test center by 7:45 a.m.

Have your tickets and ID.

#2 pencils


Working calculator

Picture ID

Good eraser

I will not be there. A versan representative will be at the Priory Center where most of the Versaners will be. Meditate, no excessive chatting, pray and then go in and slay the exam. It is a lot easier than my mock exams. Those who completed the 3 SAT books, it was evident when I marked these papers. Those who did not, that was also quite clear.

GOOD luck.....and remember to pace yourselves. Breathe and keep it moving! You are not sure about an answer, keep going. Return if time permits.

Send me your emails after the exam....let me know what you thought about it.


You are my next central focus. Your deadlines to register for your exam, do financial aid and application forms is next. Get started.


Also on the radar.


The Financial Aid seminar held in Kingston was well attended. I thank the parents who came out. They learnt a lot. The International Student Financial Aid forms are now available at the office for the Jamaicans. As well as the Certificate of Finances form. Mobay, I will have yours the following weekend.

Those who missed it, well......


THERE ARE STUDENTS WHO MISSED THE MARATHON FOR COMPLETING APPLICATIONS. Not my fault, signals were sent out. But please note students, marathons are free. Scheduled appointments are not. So when you come to the office for me to review applications, essays, there is a cost of 5000. Time and attention holds that cost.

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