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After months of preparation, we have finally teetered on the big day. Ads went out, radio promotions....but what we do know is that the public strolls in to get information, but Versan has SSAT students who have sat and are sitting their SSAT exams.

They are very excited. Their parents are, too. I know that they will do well, because their twelve weeks of classes will almost come to a close, but I have enjoyed their company. Amazing kids.

Another life lesson learnt tomorrow when they sharpen their interviewing skills.


First one in, and with scholarship, Yejide Gayle to SUNY: Plattsburgh. Congratulations!!!!!!


Are you all still on one book? What happened to book one, two and three?


Congrats to Ashleigh Onfroy who placed second in History for the Caribbean.

To Jordan Madden, in Jamaica, he placed sixth and seventh for Maths and Physics. Bravo!!!!

I await news from the others....


So you made the waitlist....all it means is that you will be placed after all others are placed in the room. You will be fine.


Deadline for completing everything is November 30. The mailbag has started sending out financial aid forms, FAFSA signature pages, transcripts et al. Get with it!


We have attached a few messages that ought to inform you. Happy Reading!


Wayland Academy's Graeme Reid Makes Wisconsin All State Boys Soccer recognition


San Diego, CA November 14, 2017

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Nonprofit Educate To Career, Inc. (ETC) has released the ETC College Admission Probability Program – designed to enable students to know the probability of their acceptance into any of over 1500 U.S. 4-year colleges.

Families and their students are applying to anywhere from 6 – 8+ colleges. The application process is time-consuming, and the application fees can add up. College planning consultants and counselors have been using our data to gain insight and to help them with their clients - and many have been asking us about admissions data for some time.

The new ETC College Admission Probability Program shows the probability a student being admitted to the colleges that they are contemplating, along with their EFC. Additionally, the program includes the probability of graduation in five years from the selected colleges. With this data, consultants can assist their clients in creating a realistic list of colleges to focus on.

Every college has their own set of criteria that they use to determine who they accept and the tuition they expect the family to pay. We’ve conducted extensive empirical analyses of the various data points of millions of recent entrants at thousands of U.S. colleges. From our analysis, and using proprietary data and algorithms, we have ascertained the most meaningful data points, and the inter-relationships between these values - in order to project the likelihood of the student being accepted at a given college. The cost of this new program is $10 per school, or unlimited with a premium college subscription.

Our mission is focused on using outcomes data and analytics to bring clarity to the college and career planning process for consultants and counselors, students and families. Our suite of online programs help in selecting an appropriate major and college, all in the context of fiscally responsible decision making. We also use our college outcomes data in our work with university institutional effectiveness departments.

We feel that the new ETC College Admission Probability Program is truly a game-changer, and invite you to check it out on our website, and to contact ETC president, Mike Havis directly with any questions at

We are also extending our special premium data offer to college planning consultants, counselors & professionals for a limited time.

Consultants, counselors & other professionals receive significant cost savings when subscribing to our twelve-month premium college subscription program:

  • Receive an 18-month unlimited-use subscription for the regular $99 price of a one-year subscription. (EX: 10 premium analyses cost $250 without a subscription)


Educate To Career is the leading resource for educational attainment and college/career and related financial planning data in the U.S.

For more information, contact Michael R. Havis (562) 248-6262

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