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The Schools Without SAT Wednesday Blog

After the results rolled in, the doubting Thomases started dumbing down their selected list of schools. Oh, I can't get into that school now......was the echo ice refrain from most and sundry. I simply harrumphed.

There is December. What do I know? Many did not study efficiently. Some were stuck in a state of smug complacency. They used one SAT book for practice. Others were angst-ridden on the day of the exam and blew their chances.

What do we know? We cannot move forward repeating the same mistakes. I am truly proud of the current set of students. The driven do their assignments and turn them in before assignment day. They imbibe class notes and deliver well on class assignments. There should be healthy grades in December. On with applications... We welcome all the schools headed our way. Students try to be present in the moment.

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