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Gloriously, our pre-departure students, currently in boarding schools overseas, due to return in August, started classes with gusto today....a heavy two and a half hour dosage of grammar, essay-writing and critical reading. Lots of homework!

I should have taken a picture! It is the social media thing to do. I was born not of this millenial age....

The days are hot. CAPE/CXC are almost at an end...

Elated that I will address Alpha girls on June 29 on issues of confidence building....I cannot wait!!!!

On July 2, I will address the Vaz Prep graduates. I see that they earned top grades in the GSAT....excellent school...and so they march on....

Dream Jamaica has invited me to talk to their students on July 6. A busy summer....thanks past students.

To those heading off to summer school overseas, be safe, good grades....earn a letter of recommendation....a good one!

As for those entering Sixth Form, ecstatic to see so many getting their appointments to plan the way out. So Shelby stopped by and learnt that she has an action list of college essays, resumes, and so many other things to do..No partying this summer!

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