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I am terribly sorry, the blog went incognito, underground.....we were busy completing SSAT, GMAT, SAT mock exams, we were welcoming a few returning Versan chickadees from Boarding school....Luke Scott and Bruce Rickards....we were following the news from so many of our friends who have been blighted by the Trump victory.....

The best response we have had is from St. Michael College's Admissions team to

all international students. If this letter does not placate fears, I do not know what will.....(Do pull up maestro, John Adams....who by the way celebrates his birthday tomorrow....Happy Birthday, John.....the Versan family adores you.

We thanked and said goodbye to Markiesha Morgan, a tower of strength as a student intern....she worked ferociously for Versan and still managed to complete her applications....Kudos to her....

We are seeing the end to most applications....Last week Wednesday saw me at Mobay from 2 pm to 2 am working with students on their applications. Whew. Thanks to Xiao's dad and Tiffany's parents, I was fed curried lobster, broccoli at 3 am then packed off to sleep for another grueling day in the Kingston office...What a week!

Poor Mrs. Russell had to leave at 10 pm.

This Saturday is the SSAT exam, last Saturday was the SAT exam....we hope to see good scores soon, if not...there is January.

So the schedule is out for those taking the January exam....we commence classes this Saturday....see ya!

Good to see the blog remounted...Jason Sherman, any word?


Congratulation to Sharon Chai and Jasmine Lee on making Honors!

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