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When I see that my boarding school students are getting ready to return to the States or Canada, I know that the summer days are coming to an end. With the waning of the summer days, I see a spectacular metamorphosis taking place.

I have to whisper, pinch myself, because it cannot be true. This is unheralded in my many years of practice. Guess what? My students are actually reading! Do you see that word...reading? And most miraculously, they are liking what I have recommended.

Oh my Lord, take me to heaven and back, I am in a teacher's paradise! Do you know what this means? Better scores.....and oh my, they are buying their practice books on rapid...oh happy day!!!!!

Garth I must use you as my "exemplary" student today. A few weeks ago, garth did a few college essays

for my review. I was flabbergasted ...not just at sentence structure but lack of ability to organize paragraphs and syllogistic thinking for paragraphs.

A few magazines were recommended. He appeared for consultation today, gleaming. He added with a big smile, "I really like reading Scientific America..." ( Did I just hear "right?" He likes it....Garth likes reading, even "Harper'!" But here comes the miracle moment: His writing skills improved. To look at his essays a few weeks ago and now, well as the Jamaican adage goes, "Cheese to chalk!" So we are blessed with these summer kids, they know what they are going after..they have the energy and wherewithal.


The schools visited were Clinton Community College, University of Vermont, SUNY: Plattsburgh, St. Michael's College and Champlain College. I have done my talk on these in classes. I believe students who are interested will know what to do and where to look for further details. A lovely tour.


Emily Cai and Sharon Chai have been great replacements for Christine LeeFatt. Totally efficient. Boo hoo, why do they have to go back to school? Staaaay!

See you next week...


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