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Is it my imagination or is the SSAT exam getting any easier? After a perplexing three months with students who had just started the course, I would feel remiss because a few parents would say, "More hours, more work," but I just thought they were doing their book reports, assignments, words and practising past papers....... My gut instinct was a good medical outcome that says nothing malignant.....we are recording a record number of 99% on the SSAT exam. Who would have thunk it? I did the "thunk" on purpose...fully aware of the grammatical faux pas. Sameer, Helen, Jacqueline Wang, Deng, Dylan all in the 90% with several 99% stuck in there. I am thrilled. So it is all in the work done at home, our class times and all that has been effected over 12 weeks, AOK! Ecstatic... Did I also say how fantabulously well these SSAT students did?!!! Yes, I know, a new word coid, "fantabulous".....but this is to an elated old teacher. She has her right to craft neologisms (look up the word)! MOCK EXAM DATES The SSAT and SAT mock exam dates have been posted. Clear your calendars and be punctual. Each is on a Thursday so clear your calendars: Dec 3 SAT Mock exam 4-8 p.m. Dec 10 SSAT Mock exam 4-7 p.m. Should these dates not be convenient, please call and adjust the days. The tests will be ready nevertheless! (Montego Bay, we will send down your tests) THE CHRISTMAS/JANUARY PREP PERIOD So we have a few who are drifting towards the January exam, so emails were sent for those make-up classes.... APPLICATIONS Might I say I am also proud of my parents who are doing their financial aid forms on time this year, for once? Doing applications on time....I revelled in last week Thursday's consultations in Montego Bay during the Caribbean Boarding School Fair leg in Montego Bay...while my staff slaved away at RIU, I was quietly ensconced in Ms. Russell's chair doing application forms. So happy...they were prepared, enlightened and the process rolls on serendipitously.... I suspect the ones who think nothing is happening are the ones doing simply nothing....shame on you! Do remember the deadline for the SAT exam in January is Dec 17. I do not want any remorseful beings going, "If someone at the Versan office had only told me in time...." as if......(smile) TRAVEL We are receiving the flight details now for those travelling to visit schools, so give us early so we can get those radically low fares. MAILBAG it is that time again when the mailbag for applications and all other documents go offshore. That service is now open again. Remember due receipt in 2-3 days of giving us, bag leaves every Friday. $800 JMD per envelope. If weightier, we will assess additional cost. HAWAII RASCALS See all my bubbly Hawaiian students showing off to all and sundry their academic and athletic prowess. See you next week.

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