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Welcome to all Versan readers:

Always encouraging to get feedback from our students and parents. It is equally disarming to meet students for the second time during consultation hours who have no idea where to find the blog.....I think I will join Trump on the political circuit and reminisce with Drake's song, "You used to call me on the cell-phone....." This is the day I head to St. Lucia and Barbados to host several US and Canadian boarding schools for our Annual Caribbean Boarding School Fair. It is a phenomenal success when we see St. Mary's College in St. Lucia (home of Nobel Laureate Dennis Walcott) welcome Versan back with open arms. That will be on November 14 on their beautiful campus. We thank Star Publishing for sending out the clarion call, we thank Vanessa for all her promotion of the event and we will thank Ms. Daher at the television station for hosting us Friday morning. Our driver has to be equally thanked for collecting all participants of the fair from the Hewanorra airport. In Barbados, we have just about too many folks to thank, Slam Radio, Sonia Taylor of The Nation publishing, St. Michael's College for having us at devotion..... Here we come....Versan at it again..... But students, do not for one minute think that while the cat is away the mice must play......oh no....all classes are assigned...all consultation materials are still sent to me...the work continues...Malcolm Gladwell says do something 10000 times you are guaranteed success. Check those vocabulary books...see a massive list? if not, get to it! PICTURE OF STUDENTS These are my wonderful students at Hawaii Prep. They had their Fall Ball, what's up with the shorn locks, Christopher....the eyes are wild, beam me up Scotty! But you all look wonderfully healthy and safe...Do help the homeless in Hawaii, a growing reach out my students. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE Mr. Alex Bates was back on the rock and always remembers to stop by the office. He had a wonderful turn out of students last night. he was happy and so were we. Our last student Roger of Campion fame, on a full scholarship there is now on the rugby team. Go figure! See the wonderful pics on our Instagram re this visit. Do not forget that St. Mary's University will be visiting our office on November 25 to speak with students. 5 p.m. Do not forget. I have added quite a number of information tidbits. Do read. Happy Belated birthday to Jevan Raymond, my cousin, training to be a NY police officer and my nephew Micah, now 2? I am getting old. See you next Wednesday....the day of the Kingston Boarding School Stella Maris Auditorium. Please have those outfits ready, my students!

Adventures so far. Isn't ND pretty?

"Snow already?! From our Nicholas Foo in North Dakota."

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