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Am I dreaming? Am I seeing that students are actually completing applications on time this year? That I do not foresee a busy Christmas season with students sprawled across the floor, writing essays at the last minute... Uncannily, the student planners are taking effect. Without my prompting, they arrive unceremoniously, my little KC chap...and he has completed his applications, secured recommendations, counselor recommendation, wrote his essays, all documents organized in a folder.....huh? When did this all happen? What osmosis took place? In Montego Bay, one of my ever-so-busy-body students, Ms. Natanya, though terribly heckled and harried, is almost "done" with her apps? Lord, are you being nice to me this year? Is it time to retire? When did students ever see the light of day? Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming, when a class I taught over the summer appeared half-asleep, and disoriented before the exam, yet brought in solid scores above 2000? Huh? Baffling.... Am I dreaming when students overseas report back to me and are breaking swimming records at Howard University, saving the Howard team.....that's my Nicholas Haughton? And In Tennessee at Vanderbilt, my student, Ms. Ricketts, who has a prestigious job in the Gastroenterology department doing hardcore research in freshman year? When did they get this serious? Am I still dreaming? Am I still dreaming when Lafayette College pays us a visit yet again on November 10 at 7 p.m.? The last few years, our students have been doing extraordinarily well at these institutions....receiving full scholarships and they called one more time to deliver a keynote address to our students....dreaming? I find that my two able-bodied assistants, make that four, though young, deliriously efficient one minute, hackneyed the next, are quietly getting the work done? Dreaming? Kudos Najaye, Geana, Shanice and Carlisa..... Am I dreaming? My Montego Bay manager, Mrs. Russell, delivered a bouncing baby girl and is ready to return to the roost to work? No, dreaming....stay home, Tanet and look after the young one.....Shanice and Carlisa are handling well.....things are working glitches....dreaming? Should Scotty beam me up? This Sunday is the SSAT mock exam....and am I dreaming? They may be ready and I need not do another the following Friday? The weary traveller is dreaming again...does she really have to step on a plane en route to St. Lucia and Barbados for the first leg of the Caribbean Boarding School Fair? Am I dreaming? Who needs another plane ride? Nooooo....from the 11th to the 17th...and I do not get a chance to prep my students....they just have to be ready...but wink, wink, if I am not dreaming, then...are they truly ready? Dreaming.... Here is a photo of our Natanya from Mobay, a bright young lady, but who says my essay is the language of novels (ahem, ahem) and makes over 40 syntactical errors....dreaming? Next week is our large Boarding School Fair at Stella Maris Auditorium, commencing at 10 a.m. The participating schools are: Deerfield Academy Concord Academy St. Anne's Belfield Chaminade Preparatory Havergal George Stevens St. George's Bishop's College Northfield Mount Hermon The White Mountain School I had better wake up from this dream and face reality soon, bah humbug!

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