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"The Weary Traveller Returns" Wednesday Blog

From Germany in the morning to eating great Chinese dinner with Tiffany pouring over financial aid documents at Altamont West and having to catch the 5:00 am Knutsford Express to catch a talk I am to give at JPSCo. On Customer Service. I do have a lot to say..... Before I go any further, for my newly minted organized Mobay students, here is due warning, Mandeville and Mobay students, this Friday is the deadline for registration on the November SAT exam. Many are doing SAT II subject tests. Others are sitting for the first time. If there is anything to go by....proctors were unfair with timing, reading passages were long and untenable, "Math is not my thing"..... On the other hand, Germany... Well, I must say my German was free flowing, followed by heavy doses of newspaper reading, news, movies and telegrams, all in German. There are many schools and gifts sent back for me to divulge and share with the Versan family. I must now hold an emergency meeting with the SSAT parents. In addition, we have much to do, what with the number of schools who will be attending our Caribbean Boarding School fair. Versan is truly busy. I must say that the highlight of my trip were the colleagues met, from a certain school in London and Thailand? I say, Thailand, you would be surprised. We have 2 Jamaicans there doing missionary work there...but to my surprise, I was charmed more not by Thai cuisine or the dorms....but the numbers that made it to Oxford and Cambridge. Hidden secret.....not to be outdone were the Blacks of Rugby fame.....but this time, it was an all girls in Auckland, New Zealand. The Principal kept on teasing about our inability to win the netball championships, of which her high school is and remains the feeding ground of netball queens.... Great conference. I doff my hat to the organizers. Applications? Need I say more...vroom, vroom.....lost? Get to my email!!!

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