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I wonder, I cogitate, I muse (trying to fit in a few SAT words before the BIG DAY on Saturday. My chickadees who know me well....valiant effort on the Mock exam..only one person failed out of 100 students. Most proud. Essays were amazing. Good improvement. Timing was off for a few, put in those finishing touches today, tomorrow and Friday. Good luck! Big hug, be calm, be resilient. Like Versan champions, be the best you can be. Hey Adam, I am expecting a miracle on the 11th. Those who are sitting in November, please note that you can resit classes on Fridays, from 4-6. Sunday and Tuesday classes are waay tooo big! Get there early! SSAT October is your final month. I want you to complete all applications, essays. Source transcripts and send off, teacher recommendations, resumes....come November, we have our interviews on November 18....

Tis time to start registering for the November exam. Need help? See the ladies at the front desk. The Wednesday group, what's up with the low energy? Dynamism, words, book reports..come on. Take your Vitamins A, B, C, D, E....vavavoom! PARENT'S MEETING If you missed the meeting, the handouts are available at the front desk or you can email us for handouts. GRE You may be heading to Miami to sit your exams if there are no more spaces at UWI. NEW DECAL ON VERSAN VAN Check out the status of the new van...just rims needed! See you after Europe, do well on Saturday, send me emails...the work continues though I am not in office. Ciao or better yet Auf Wiedersehen!

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