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So I had a busy past weekend. From the hosting of our guests, the large turn outs, the overworked staff, the organization, the logistics...getting our guests to Montego Bay....then the packed rooms in Mobay.....but can you imagine? Straight from the talk to the Mobay Parents teaching a Master Class, offset by a tardy opening of the office as staff intern, Ms. Russell had no water in her community!

Thus, I crashed and understandably so. On doctor's orders....for 3 days. I had to! This Sunday is the Kingston leg of the Parent's Meeting. 5 p.m. At Stella Maris.

I should have my strength in tow. It will be a marathon week of many late appointments to make up for my 3 day absence. Oh boy!


The Kingston and Mobay audiences were amazing. You were all ears. Our guests were charmed and felt that Jamaican warmth. Thanks for making them feel so welcome. To the students whom I put on the spot, Ashley, Tarik and Tiffany, you were all amazing.

Yes, I know you were all revved up...essays flying off the page. Whoa!

Travel Itinerary

October 1-4: Germany! We have an open invitation to see some 93 schools under one roof. Don't worry, my technician is getting my printer, scanner in place to correct and return essays Lickety split....

SAT Exam

So I am advising early of my absence....I will miss my chickadees going off to their first SAT exam. Do not forget your #2 pencils, calculators, picture ID, printed ticket. Know which center is yours, get there no later than 8 am. Be calm, say your prayers knowing you have truly. Prepared (ahem!) and give it your best shot. Do not take cellphones to the exam, set your watches to the the proctor's time, do not chat to your friends in the exam room.


Another shipment of books is due on Thursday. Place your orders before the supply is depleted. Dictionaries made it this time..some Chemistry, ACT, Biology, SAT 1 and Physics.


The schools keep on keeping on...they are registering and my SSAT students are busy getting themselves together for the exam and the fair. Jean Bramwell, one of Versan's board members, will go to pave the way in the Eastern Caribbean to prepare for our schools that will be in St. Lucia and Barbados.

See you next week!

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