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"The Dorm Room" Wednesday Blog

So September enrollment has been brisk. Our poor hearts are heartened. The students who have left our shores are busy sending me a ton of emails.... showing me dorm rooms, untidy room-mates....but most importantly, I am elated to hear that all are heeding the pearls of wisdom I imbued their minds with at the Farewell Ceremony. So Shrimpy, I appreciate the gadding about you are doing with the Resident Advisor of your floor. Howard University, watch out!

Students, who are reading this blog, do note the SAT words in the previous paragraph. (The evil SAT teacher smirks). And for every subsequent blog, we continue in the same vein.

Important News!

The September 18th event has a new location and time. Watch the blog for future updates.

New Teachers

We can now officially welcome our new teachers, Ms. Dobson and Ms. Rufus, who both teach Verbal SAT, GRE and SSAT. Mr. Falconer, SSAT and SAT Math. To Mr. Karenga who has put in some 7 years, we applaud his time with us and simply adore him....

When I compliment my Verbal teachers, that is rare, but these ladies are über fierce. Congrats.

Montego Bay do not despair. I admire your tenacity, Mr. Powell and Ms Richardson.


So two shipment of books came in and disappeared...look out for next shipment, next Monday.... oh boy!

Good, they are studying...(gargantuan smile...).... oops, another SAT word....

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