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The website was down for a few days. Bah humbug. It was really for a massive celebration, really! I am no longer Mrs. Riley.....I am resolutely, Ms. Bramwell. Hip, hip hooray! On to bigger and better things.....SAT's deadline for registration is this Thursday...did I notice Priory is not listed as a center? Who threw shade? head to St. Andrew, Campion, for the interim.... Register! NEW RECRUITS Our first classes for September will begin on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. At 4 p.m. Welcome one and all! Your teachers are Mr. Falconer and Ms. Rufus. Manchester Teachers should be getting ready...for their kickoff next will Montego Bay. TEST PREP BOOKS These will all be available this Wednesday, (Montego Bay, we know you have your side order. Tell us early Monday to ship them down by TARA)..... ST GEORGE'S IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Goodbye to Joshua Hugh, Joel Angus, Didier they go to Vancouver. Have a good semester, boys! All on full scholarships...the Versan way.... THE CALVIN L. CARRITHERS AVIATION SCHOLARSHIP As we all know aviation scholarships are few....if any.....but this scholarship is offered to those who seek to have financial assistance after 2 years of aviation school. Millions enter but only 4 are selected. Wouldn't you know, our sophomore Justin Hamilton at Florida Institute of Technology won the prize! Yaay....congrats, Justin.... VANDERBILT Our dear freshman at Vanderbilt, our indomitable Maia is at it again, see her with the Jamaican flag flying high....ooh, my renegades! Sabria Hector at Berea College is being told she fits the school like white on rice! I will hear all the juicy details from her mom on Thursday and will post pictures then.... DOMINICA Many of you do not know we have a satellite in Dominica......see the students all set for their information session.... Go Dominica. Farewell to those who escaped the hurricane.... ATHLETES Time to get the portfolios out....and ready..... We salute ROMAINE JONES who assisted our students with Maths for the past two weeks...he must be busy settling in at Columbia. Have a great year.... OBERLIN COLLEGE This is a great school. Need I repeat it? A great school. They are willing to fly high school seniors in to see the school and apply should they like it..... You may email for further information at These are the dates to apply and the dates for the Programs: September 14 th for October 8-10 October 19th for Nov 12-14 November 19th for Dec 3-5 Again, a great school! See you next week.

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