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So I was on vacation and so was the blog. I rested and have returned to a pile of papers on my desk....grrr....back to the onslaught of work. Sharon Chai left for The Brook Hill School and has sent us pictures of her new school. Jasmine Lee should be joining her soon. EIGHT THINGS TO LEARN FROM NEW SCHOOLS 1) Participate 2) Know teachers well and have a great relationship of research, query and continuous learning. 3) Use your dorm life as an introspective view of self, work out relationship issues with roommates. Discover yourself along the way. 4) Save your money. Earn it, no matter how small and stash it away for a rainy day. 5) See the opportunities in every day. Notice boards, a chance meeting... 6) Work out and be religious about it. 7) Learn to say no more than you say yes. 8) Do not judge a book by its cover. ACT Those registering for ACT will find that they will be on stand by. Accept it and go on stand by. SAT Time to start registering for SAT I and II. Not on the same day, though. CONSULTATIONS Going nicely. I see more than 12 essays per person being done. I am happy. SSAT CLASSES I am impressed with the SSAT groups, The book reports are getting better and better... SAT 3-5 p.m. Congrats on being aroused, vocabulary is! GRE A fun group... GMAT You must practise! Particularly, Maths... LSAT Note, one must have a lot of "cojones" for this area! See you next week...] Thanks Joshua! You are halfway there to Hawaii, have a great semester. Congrats Fiona, on getting your student visa today. Congrats Alex, you are off to George Stevens... Racola Tyrell, You made St. Mary's and Mercyhurst, but off to Mercyhurst, Philadelphia..... And as the train chugs along....congrats to those who scored all 1's in CAPE...Tiffany, Ms. Morgan and Ms. Cameron..go, go! If I do not know the CAPE results, let me know, we have to review the schools. Bye to Ms. Lattibeaudiere, off to Vassar in NY, you too have a great year...

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