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So we are almost midway summer. The acceptances are still coming in...the queries for schools are hot on demand, the Parents' Meetings are over.....and the parents are now reinforced with information. We applaud the big attendances and know that those who were not able to attend, missed a great event. The student planners are now in. The students who come in for consultation will now be given a student planner to log all hours, vocabulary, assignments, meetings, essays, resume and financial aid sessions. BY GEORGE! So we are grateful that we have George around to assist students from 10-12, Mondays through Thursdays with issues that disturb them on SAT, SSAT papers....George scored a 2390 out of 2400 and made us all proud. His assistance is invaluable. ACCEPTANCES Racolla Tyrell - St. Mary's University Mercyhurst University Shamella Hurd St. Mary's University Alex Yap The MacDuffie School Jasmine Lee Miss Hall's School The Brook Hill School SCHEDULE OF CLASSES FOR SEPTEMBER SAT classes for September for the new cohort (not the summer students) will fall on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays....The other days are booked for the Summer students! READING Need I say it? I am most happy about the reading I see and vocabulary accumulation. The SSAT students have started off with a bang and rivaling those in the upper classes such as SAT and GRE.....Go Amy, so proud of that "perfect" book report. Whoopee! TO OUR SUMMER LANGUAGE CAMP I wish to state that the French and Spanish classes are going well. Zara has done a tremendous

job in teaching, not just with social media but with her lesson plans. I am always in constant awe of her. SUMMER INTERNS They make mistakes, they create an ado in the office, but what would I do without them? I am not sure....I love their excitement, their passion...their drive, their ability to do great things for this company. I breathe for summers...for their return every year...and soon, they will go and I will be heartbroken....

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