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So many things to say right now. I was beyond overwhelmed yesterday. There were so many issues flying about my head all at once that I honestly fell asleep and forgot the blog. Oh dear...... But I am happy with some students who are continually getting acceptances even at this late stage. Visa appointments are now all the way in August. But you can all go for emergency appointments. Not difficult...... ACCEPTANCES: Joanna James - Worcester Polytechnic Lindsey Tracey Caldwell Jacksonville University LaRoche College Fezonae Davis Caldwell College And I am thrilled for Janique Simpson who received the Sr. Bernadette Scholarship from the Alpha Alumnae of a US$3600 scholarship towards her education at Seton Hall University. Go Janique. You must be proud to be an alum. SUMMER CAMP - LANGUAGE CAMP It starts July 6th. I will be teaching the German and Italian segments. Joshua - Mandarin, Zara - French and Spanish. Romaine Jones - The Language of Maths. SUMMER SCHOOL Registration is piping hot. Folks are coming to register. I leave the interns to deal with that as I trail off for a conference mid-week and they will have to deal with the mad rush! (Evil smile) FAREWELL CEREMONY I was sad. These are a loving bunch of students who smack of great character, integrity and good academic acumen.....I will miss this cohort of students. Boohoo! TVJ Interview Props to Zara and Joshua for a great interview. Doesn't Neville know it is improper to discuss funds on television? Oh dear...(evil smile) INSURANCE FOLKS Those who paid for their policies, they are coming right up. Be good till next week.

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