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I am sorry. I apologize. I forgot the blog last week. Why? I was on the Western Massachusetts Boarding School Tour. I could have done my report from the hotel room, this historic American hotel with years of history, the Hotel Northampton. But....Ms. Bramwell is famous for being in drama or near drama and almost made the city news. There was a fire at the hotel. And guess who had to run out in her bathrobe? To the smiles of the applauding street public, firemen and police officers. My fifteen minutes of fame almost upset the Baltimore demonstrations....go figure! However, I had a fabulous 5 p.m. meeting with Maia Ricketts and her mother last night. In so many years, I have just now seen how easy it is to get off a wait list. Just when I thought waitlists were like being placed in abysmal hell, just when I thought she had selected her college of choice, University of North Carolina:Chapel Hill, here come Vanderbilt and Colby.....Lucky her.... And just when my boarding school applicants took their SSAT exam on April 25, we saw that class growing from strength to strength, and more than 15 places needed to find more boarding schools for Fall 2015, we get Alex Yap into Chapel Hill-Chauncey Hall and Brewster Academy....Congratulations! And to Sharon Chai who did her Skype interview in my office, she made it into her favorite school, The Brook Hill School in Texas. I also need to applaud my Chad Hucey of Ardenne fame who currently attends WPI (Worcester Polytechnic) and won first prize with his team for developing a battery made of ion.....and al that jazz. Triple Congrats!!! Of course there are more acceptances, but guess who left her list at the office while she is writing the those whom I have forgotten, look out next week. Sorry. SSAT STUDENTS I have forwarded my viewpoints on each of the nine schools visited to your private emails, so check out the details: Bement Eaglebrook Eagle Hill Deerfield Northfield Mt. Hermon Williston Northampton Stoneleigh Burnham Five Colleges Inc. So check out those details..... JUNE 7 Our grand gala at UWI Mona Visitor's Lodge is getting quite a bit of buzz from our Hillel crowd, cool! I am excited, an affair to remember. THE IRISH EDUCATIONAL NETWORK OF SCHOOLS ARE CALLING..... Happy Teacher's Day and Mother's Day to all and sundry.

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