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Visas, Waitlists and Summer Recruitment Wednesday Blog

In the aftermath of President Obama's visit, reality is now sinking in that one has to make a decision before May 1 as to which school one is going to commit to..... It is time for the final discussions. CONGRATULATIONS Are in order for Justin Hamilton who earned his commercial aviation license at Florida Institute of Technology. Justin left St. Jago in Lower VI and never stopped competing for the best. Go Versan, that is the Versan style..... And though we had no part in this one, we congratulate our St. George's man who made the College of the Rockies in British Columbia. KUDOS TO OUR ACCEPTANCES: Jose Thomas - Mary Baldwin College McDaniel College Bridgewater Univ Hampton Univ. Emory and Henry Fordham Champlain Emory Demi Traile Fisk University Pablo Nelson College of Wooster Univ of Kentucky Florida Inst of Tech Lauren Evans WPI Drexel Jevaughn Squire Univ of North Dakota GRADUATE PROGRAMS Lauren Chai MIT PhD Program Elaina Chai Stanford PhD Program BOARDING SCHOOL Leah Smyle St. Anne's-Belfield MEETING This Sunday, we will host the Pre-Farewell meeting for all Boarding school applicants who are going overseas. The Farewell Ceremony This wonderful ceremony is slated for early June. More anon.

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