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So the tears and the laughter...the why these rejection letters to oh,boy, look at this, Ms. Bramwell, whoopee? Do I ride this emotional wave with you all? No. Categorically no. I will commiserate and laugh for a minute. The minute ends when we turn to action. Action means those accepted, must decide where to? Then, we must sign letters of intent to attend, send deposit fees and prepare for the student visas. Those not admitted must consider Gap Years or Plan B action of schools. It is not the end of the world. A rejection does not make you any less of a person. it is that school's loss. But again, here comes the list you have all been waiting for, that infernal acceptance list! ACCEPTANCES England Fiona Choi: Liverpool School of Medicine USA Cheyenne Hylton: Rollins Georgia State Nova Southeastern Jonathan Bair: Cooper Union Santa Clara Richelle Newby: New York University College of Wooster Rochester Institute of T Maya Ricketts: Emory Zara Williams-Nicholas: Amherst Swarthmore Taelor Malcolm: New York University Santa Clara Ashley Lattibeaudiere: Vassar Fiona Buckley: Bryant Demi Traile: Mt. Holyoke University of British Col Dalhousie Jevaughn Squire University of British Colu Edward Crofts WPI Siddhant Grover University of British C. Romaine Jones Columbia, Tufts, Rice University of Rochester Amherst Kathryn Hoo Rice, Boston College College of Wooster Occidental George Washington Kristoff Graham Lafayette Paula Leone Samuda Univ. of British Colum Isaiah Perrin: Acadia University Sabria Hector: Berea College Andrew Grant : Stevens Institute of T Jordan Lawe: University of S Florida REGISTRATION FOR EXAMS Please register for SAT, SSAT, GRE, is the time. CONGRATULATIONS I would like to congratulate the big scholarship winners who topped over US$60000 per year in scholarships for 4 years: Ashley Lattibeaudiere Sabria Hector Romaine Jones Zara Williams Nicholas Emily Cai Joshua Hugh Joel Angus and if I forgot your name, check the blog next week or complain bitterly till I acknowledge... Finally, on Sunday past, a few of my students met at Dragon Palace for Dim Sum to meet with one of our current students, Jason Forbes who now attends boarding school in British Columbia. Happy to note that Mrs. Forbes organizd this intervention, had a great brunch, counseled parents and students about the ins and outs of this noble institution...Bravo! EASTER CLOSURE The office will be closed from Friday to Monday. See you all on Tuesday. MONTEGO BAY Do not panic, payments will be forthwith!

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