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Again, time for another blog. I head off to Cold Europe, where I meet some 15 schools this weekend, seeking ever more places for my students. Off to another strenuous weekend. But for those who think I disappear totally, my IPad, laptop et al will be present for your continued assistance and service. So please send queries on to my email. Yes, there are more acceptances: ACCEPTANCES: Patrina Gayle St. Leo's College Sabria Hector University of South Florida and happy to report our Montegonian who made Mercyhust and St. Leo's College. Alex Brown has received his Acceptance Package from Rochester Institute of Technology As they roll in, we will report. SALUTES To John Adams, our webmaster, who continues to keep us out there fter a five month hiatus. Sorry guys, I was working, working, working. New Acknowledgements well, Shrimpy of St. George's fame, you finally made front page for being this week's worrywart...May your good news roll friend, but whoa, the picayune details....(SAT word, Shrimpy) Thanks Lamar for proctoring exams for me this afternoon, a big help, most grateful to my Georgians...more power to the light blues. PICTURES Marion Cole at Harvard decided to warn you Harvard seekers about the plight of snowstorms at Harvard. Can we even see the school? Lord...... SSAT Exam This Saturday, my little rascals will sit their SSAT exam. May they meet with good fortune and great scores, some worked hard, well, others, the sign of the cross (Sigh, courtesy of Toni Cornwall)..... But as I will be overseas, I send my blessings from afar. Get there early and have your tickets ready. FAREWELLS Jodie Robertson who has been our bubbly front desk warrior has finally decided to take her classes for GRE and concentrate on her Graduate studies and applications. We are happy for that transition and wish her well. SUMMER SCHOOL Lower VIth students who leave in 2016 are urged to apply for their summer programs now. We know why, don't we? ATLANTA, GEORGIA To the Malcolms, you also made front page. Karenga seems to have gotten the drift, so recommendation should leave soon. Yes, Didier, you too. See you next Wednesday.

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