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Though our former Prime Minister Michael Manley is no longer with us, I do salute his charisma and three flights a day to Miami government, such a contradiction of sorts. But when his health was waning, and I met both he and Mrs. Manley at a roots play, he solidly stood and shook the hand of each and every theater-goer watching the play that night. There is something to be said about such gentility, despite our myriad personal flaws. Salute, Comrade Manley on your Earth Day. NO TWILIGHTS THIS WEDNESDAY So I returned to Montego Bay after that uproariously riotous debacle the last time. Even my past parent, Ms. Cunningham, (all the way in Barbados) is asking whether I had jumped the fence....Oh dear....see, the security guard, having brandished the gun, acknowledged who I was and then opened the gate. This week, the self-same security guard was giggling all the way to the Versan van...having had to reopen the gates for my tardy departure once again from the Mobay office, this time, 1:30 a.m....a full day at the office. 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. I shall surely rest this Christmas. DECEMBER 15 DEADLINE So the mailbag is filling up again. Students are just now discovering that mailing with the Versan bag is far cheaper than mailing with the courier services of the local high schools - 3500 vs. 700? Grab the bargain, folks! CLOSURE Do I feel everyone is wrapping up? Maybe....I sense there a re a few out there, still clueless. Can they please hurry up? Clock still ticking...Classrooms upstairs are can come in early, sit and complete all essays, financial aid, al! SSAT Our little soldiers march into their exam on Saturday. Most are ready...stress-free...never...but I know they will giggle their way through it all. That is a good start. Anyone for Ms. Muirhead on exam day? This memory will go down for a while. There are teachers and not make it go viral, Leah! Good luck, you guys! At AISK, with your tickets, 7:45...Love you all...break a leg in there...not literally! OFFICE CHRISTMAS Well, Jodie and Christine did the office decorations, but i the Grinch, said Bah humbug, thanks for making it look extra special and Mobay, well, Ms. Russell, good for you...looking great. Ah you Christmas revelers. Go read a book y'all! Joshua, kudos on winning your wrestling match and Nicholas Foo, an almost lethal appendicitis? If you have been enjoying the art in my office, here is another piece from one of Jamaica's burgeoning artists, we sent off to art school in New York...enjoy Justine! Go to the Biennial at the National Gallery, guys!

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