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It is the SAT exam rolling in on the horizon, everyone is sharpening the vocabulary tools or really? Calling the Maths tutor to get additional help...purchasing SAT past papers to do timed tests....or am I dreaming?

But it is that time of year again.

I know that everyone is to go online and get their accounts opened on the website, upload their pictures, pay for the October 11th exam to sit it at Priory (91-245) test center and simply be prepared by studying straight into the exam...wishful thinking? Maybe, they are all still at the Dream Weekends of the summer? Or do I have really good students who are chomping at the bits to get a perfect 2400? I could be dreaming....or tiptoeing through lalaland....

So many coming in to say goodbye and just to let me know how well they are doing...good to see Aaron Johnson now at UPenn having a blast. Jason Forbes on his way to St. George's in Vancouver, Canada...Vanessa Moo Young back at IIT in Illinois, Lydia, back at Episcopal in Virginia, Kirkland off to Canada, the girls of Stonybrook, Kelly and young Ms. Immaculate: (thanks for the orchid), dear Chelsea, Athena off to WPI and Romario to Connecticut....and so we say goodbye, and so we see the new cohort arriving, just as perplexed as these students were a year ago.....

The September 20th event is on our heels "Recession-Proofing Tertiary Education" past winners of computers for their schools were Alpha, Ardenne, St. Georges and Old Harbour High. They represented in their numbers, took a lot of information away on how to save for college and we had a blast of a time. Do note: Gold Room, UWI, September 20 from 10 -3.

It is always a splendid affair. Next week, we profile the speakers...


Carleton College has a day where they are inviting students to visit...please check this out at

Wesleyan University now has a test-optional policy. CAPE is sufficient. Wow! Good scholarship school....


This is a play not to miss...go see it. I know why.....

(Chris, stop teaching the kids in Hawaii Jamaican bad words....)

See you all next week!

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