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So the office is up and running and though I remember these painful images of putting it all together, I thank all those who made it a reality. We like the "ooh, this is really Versan, as it should have been a long time ago.!" Thanks for the well wishes, Princess and Kentucky, you know who you are! I also wish to thank the Levys for the book donation to a needy student. It was a miracle to see Cariel Lewis of Mercyhurst fame make it back to our new office, showing us her first degree in its plush leather casing. She has also received a paid position to stay on at the University, graduate studies fully paid for. Atta girl! You remember everything the old teach said! Listen to your speeches at Farewell ceremonies...much to live by...

Now, when I bring out the logo, I mean business. We are starting our own guerrilla marketing to stop Russia from hosting the World Cup. Can you imagine, leaving bodies on a crash site for political tit for tat. This is a new low in foreiign policy. C'mon FIFA, find a Plan B immediately.

Also, on that note, we intend to galvanize this message in all our blitzkrieg marketing for events coming up in September, the 20th to be exact, the fifth staging of the "Recession Proofing Seminar for Tertiary Studies" at the Gold Room, Mona Visitor's Lodge. And our Boarding School Fair slated for October 22, St. Lucia, St. Mary's College on October 22 and in Kingston, Jamaica on October 25 and the 26th in Montego Bay. This is war!


And next week is the last week for our busybody interns who have worked tirelessly, slogged through the diabolical move, championed everyone through our doors, organized the functions, slated events for the year, planned the logistics and created a video for future interns. We will have a bang of a farewell next week as they all go off to school. They promise to do crazy selfies for next week's blog.

News Trending: SUNY Oneonta still has spaces for Fall, can you believe it? Very happy for Akamai Brown's sister who made it into a graduate program in France! The Parent's Meeting were all well-attended, Mobay and Kingston combined......a new center in India is about to take off....and I am looking forward to the August weekend holiday.......also, note this name Eric Rath..more to come next week. Politics and Education do not we sever ties with anyone trying to mix the two....see you all, next week...God's willing!

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