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Versan is spearheaded by a woman, an Amazon at that....descendant of a 287th year old high school-Wolmer's Girls, Amazons are known as the strong, independent types who live fearlessly, learn bravely, aid selflessly and usually show men that we are not quite the subservient types who remain barefoot in the kitchen and unable to aspire to great heights. We "lean in" and conquer..... So to Nadia Hanna, former Wolmerian who leant in and was an amazing real estate developer and entrepreneur, bravo Amazon to a life well-lived, former Wolmerian. To Justine Murray, former Head Girl of Wolmer's, off to UPenn, we are ecstatic for yet, another Amazon! To Julia Foote, Valedictorian at Hillel and 43 on her IB exam results, we say to this Amazon headed to Pomona in California, job well done. Hip, hip, hurrah to the Amazonians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARENTS MEETING This Friday, I meet with the Montego Bay clan for their information session. Good to be back on second home soil and to wish the Montegonians well. This Sunday, it is time for Kingston and we meet at the Blue Room, Mona Visitor's Lodge, 4:45 p.m. for our Information Session. VACATION DAYS The office will be closed from August 1-6. We resume on the 7th. So read during that period. TO OUR NEW SUMMER STUDENTS Welcome. Now, get to work.......we like our bragging rights, you know....

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