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As I sojourn through Tampa to the OACAC conference, for overseas Counselors, I totally see that this has become an oversubscribed conference and happy to see that China has increased the number of its participants. I am also deliriously happy to meet someone from Sudan, Venezuela and El Salvador. This is a exponentially evolving segment in the education industry. Last week I forgot to honor my last placement for boarding school - Christopher Rowe, who made it to Hawaii Prep on a great scholarship. Whew! For someone with a 97 percentile, this is a welcome relief. I realize everyone is going to the embassy and getting their student visas, not a problem thus far.... And summer classes have kicked off....welcome to a good start with most classes complete. And did my German team disappoint, huh? Huh? Take that, Brazil! I know, harsh, but I did say from the beginning, that this was not the team of Kaka, Ronaldo, Pele..... Have we adjusted to our new space, loving it, but who has taken away my shine? Nothing but the tuck shop! Imaginate! To Julia Foote, who made Valedictorian of Hillel, received a top score of 43 in her IB exams, heads to Pomona University this Fall, so proud of you. To Joshua, Nicholas, Zara, Ashley, Geana, what great interns. Glad to hear Calvin and Lamar (St. George's fame) are loving their new college digs, the concept of studying overseas....yeah guys....make the most of it.... As we say goodbye to Mr. Morrison, he has done so much for our growth. We thank him tremendously for finding our new space, allowing us to cut the fat, keep the doors open, and given us the hubris to grow from strength to strength.....thank you from all of us at Versan. Last but not least, we have the website finally coming into being...can you imagine? So much reconstruction... I will attend the funeral of Ms. Hanna this Friday well, Nadia Hanna, you were and remain a great friend of Versan.

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