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Given the spate of calls for the summer classes, we are gearing ourselves for the ride.We now realize that our space is too small and we will be moving on May 31. We will be settled in our new digs!Where? Not far from present location. But before we unleash the location, we would love to see our future architects unfurl their designs for the new space.We have been getting many plans...but the concepts are mind-boggling as to where we go with it all.The good news is that our downtown project is almost close to midway completion...will fine tune with the Ministry of Education.Our other service is also gaining ground....job placements after college. Picking up steam....So all in all, Versan is morphing into a Transformer status and about time...there are other covert plans on the be unfurled.ACCEPTANCESAfter sweating and moping for the past few weeks, we can add Mellisha Malcolm to the list. She made Morgan State and we celebrate with her.Hooray for Ms. Cameron-Turner of Hampton notoriety, she got into St. Joseph's University.Christine McDonald of St. Andrew's swooped nicely into New England Culinary Institute.And our little whiz from Campion has finally decided on Hawaii Prep and their unconventional scholarships of scholarships!We also herald Yashika Thakurani came off the financial aid wait-list. More news anon for the other families.As we use the next few remaining weeks for the transfer, let us keep our minds on the prize:The Grand Farewell at Mona Visitor's Lodge, 5 p.m. - not to be missed for the next chapter....We must also pay homage to those who have been with us for several months, were priceless in their service to Versan. Adieu to Ms. Martin and to our dear driver, Stevie Edwards, unflagging in spirit and devoted to Versan's cause. We wish you both well. Vaya con Dios.

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